Friday, September 21, 2012

CLOUT PC - A S"nazzy" Double Hitter

Quite literally this card is a "double hitter". The card comes from an early 2000's set which is right around the time GU Memorabilia cards started picking up steam. Pacific Trading cards came out with a number of neat different sets during the late 90's to early 2000's and I got a neat little taste from the Real DFG's community box break. Unfortunately, I didn't get any Cloutier hits (which was a long shot) but it did inspire me to see what was out there.

In this case we have Private Stock Titanium "Double-Sided Game-Worn Jersey" card, featuring my guy Dan Cloutier on one side...

I like seeing the different pads Cloutier wore throughout his career. I use to be (and still sorta am) really obsessed with goalie equipment and how it has evolved throughout the years. I remember as a kid I use to draw pictures of Dan and when he got a new set of pads it was such a thrill to get to draw a different design. I was such a simple kid. Anyways, as you can see the swatch is silver, most likely coming from a piece of the arm or a stripe from the bottom. I'm not sure if you can see this but there is a small bit of stitching on the right hand side of the swatch. The card stock is lifted slightly on the corner also which leads me to believe the stitching continues. 

If you didn't clue into the bad pun in the title yet, it's about to be revealed now. The other side of the card features former Canucks captain and jersey retiree - Markus Naslund (Nazzy).

I was more of a Bertuzzi fan compared to Naslund but he still holds a beloved part in Canucks history, so you gotta respect the guy. His number hangs in the rafters of Rogers Arena along side Stan Smyl and Trevor Linden. This happens to be the second GU card of Markus in my collection.

Happy to add this to my Cloutier PC, it's nice to focus on one guy now that I have opted out of Hodgson collecting. His cards are triple or more the price of an equal Cloutier card so it keeps my wallet out of harms way. 

Don't forget to check out C4K Cloutier to browse the entire collection. 


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