Friday, March 1, 2013

TRADE: Paul D - A Boatload of Goodies

This is my second trade I made recently, this time with a different Paul. The initial trade was one that included almost my entire needed want list for the 2003-04 McDonalds set. But yet again, there was an overwhelming amount of generosity that came along with it.

I was absolutely floored when I saw what he included for me, so much thanks goes to Paul D!

First off we have some beauty goalie cards to add to my Goalie Project, which I actually have been neglecting lately and don't know why. This is a good reminder for sure. My favourite is definitely that UD Masterpiece of Richard Brodeur, I have one copy already but geez it doesn't hurt to have two of that beauty!

Some really nice base cards here and even a nice 90's insert of Pavel Bure thrown in! It's one of those reflective "action" cards really retro and super cool. Probably my favourite base is that of Andre Boudrias, it's a really nice looking retro set and the back of the card is one of my favourites from ITG. Simple but classic.

As if that wasn't enough, Paul threw in not one but TWO GU Canucks cards!

Canucks captain? Check! Nice dark colour from the old Canucks jerseys. Weird to say those are "old" considering that's how I remember my Nucks as a kid.


A dual GU card from two great Canucks d-men. I don't have a GU piece from either of these guys and especially considering Bieksa is a fan favourite here in Vancity, it's a very nice card. Ohlund was a great vet Canuck that we lost to Tampa Bay seasons ago. But I really liked Mattius, he was solid as ever. Considering we lost Salo to the Lightning in the off-season, TB must really like veteran Nucks d-men.

Thanks so much Paul D, the kindness has not gone unnoticed that's for sure!


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