Monday, November 29, 2010

Old Timers Treasures

I was thinking of a little segment to do every week (or so) and going through my collection a neat story caught my eye. When I was younger, my grandma (believe it or not) got the privilege of meeting one of the Canucks all-time best goalies. Richard Brodeur; famous for his 1982 run to the Stanley Cup finals with the Canucks; waltzed into my grandma's office. Richard was a nice enough guy to give my grandma a signed book from himself. My grandmother knew I was a crazy hockey fan and quickly called me and passed the book along. This is what the front cover looks like:

Obviously I was pretty psyched to receive a signature from an old time Canucks goalie, but for some odd reason it never occurred to me to actually look inside until 2 years after I received the book. Why?? I have no clue. But to my pleasant surprise there were 10 signed "hockey cards" of old-timers inside. So I've decided to post a card a week, just for kicks. Let's start with this:   

Gilbert Perreault
Reg. Season Stats: GP-1191, P-1326
Playoff Stats: GP-90, P-103

Now, this isn't a "real" hockey card since it isn't made by a real company, it's more like cardboard tear-outs found in a magazine. But, it adds to the uniqueness of the story and the card. Nonetheless, it's signed and I'm very happy. It's an interesting signature, although it's more like a scribble. I have to say though some very impressive stats for Mr. Perreault, so I'm very pleased to own it.  

Michaels Rating: 8/10 (even though it's not a real card)



  1. very cool find, and cool blog too.

    I've added you to my blogroll...

  2. The front of that program looks very cool!

    Fantastic autographs of two great legends. Looking forward to seeing the others.

  3. Hey Michael,

    Regarding your question about counters. I remember it being more of a pain than I thought. I ended up doing a google search on how to add a counter to a blogger blog and I think it was statscounter that helped me out.

    Hopefully that helps.