Friday, December 9, 2011

TIN BREAK - 2011-12 Upper Deck Series 1

Year after year Upper Deck's flagship product has been consistently good - photos, design etc. But in my PC it somehow gets ignored (breaking wise). This year I look to correct that and give Series 1/2 the credit it deserves. That being said, today just so happened to be the day I picked up a tin. For 33 bucks with taxes in, I received 12 packs with 8 cards in each. But wait I get a bonus pack! Oh, and you can't forget that jumbo card! (sarcasm sensed?)

Let's start with just that - the jumbo card.

Just so everybody believes me, I put a generic base card next to the jumbo Winter Classic. Love the mask on Fleury, I only wonder if they have an action shot of Crosby getting knocked out (too soon?).

Okay, now onto the base. I'm sure you've all seen these cards already, most of you probably own this product already. So I won't dissect every corner of the card for you. Here are some of the best pics I found in my break. Starting with the horizontals... 

Such good quality photos, I love it! This is what makes a product truly worthwhile when you're a card dissector (like myself). 

Really good use of hits in the verticals. Doesn't quite get any better than that. 

The David Booth card is the only "Canucks" card I got in my bunch of base cards. Kind of disappointed considering the math says I should have at least gotten 2 if not 3. Into the Canucks binder it goes!


As for the parallels I was successful in pulling two UD Canvas cards.

As you can see these cards have a "painted" type texture to it. The Burrows is surprisingly the only true Canuck I got from this tin. One small pet peeve with the back of these cards is that I feel the photo on the back is almost covering part of the stats. I know they were trying to make the stats sit on the photo but it just didn't work out.

Next are the Young Guns...

Bleh. The only one I kinda like is Ben Scrivens, and I'm not crazy for him either. Looking for the CoHo and Sauve Young Guns.

Now onto the Inserts...

A fairly useless Insert set in my mind. 

And this is also another fairly useless insert set.

Here we go, that's a little better. I'm not in love with the design but the concept is an A+, plus it's Bobby.

Now onto the really good stuff. I seemed to have pulled a nice little hit in my tin, check it out...

Okay, so it's not fantastic but it's still alright. Nice all red swatch from Kipper. I kind of like Kiprusoff mostly because the Sedin's seem to be able to work magic on him. Not sure if a GU card is average in these tins since this is the first I've picked up. But I'll gladly throw it into my slowly growing GU collection. 


JUMBO: 1 Card
BASE: 85 Cards (1 Canuck)
UD CANVAS: 2 Cards (1 Canuck)
INSERTS: 3 Cards
GU CARDS: 1 Card

TOTAL: 95 Cards (2 Canucks)

All cards are for trade except for the UD Canvas of Burrows. I'm looking for some CoHo and other Canucks as always! Drop me a comment.


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  1. i'll trade u a Henrik Sedin game-used jersey card for the Mikka Kiprusoff jersey card. call me 905-450-4387