Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Can you smell it? Hockey is in the air, I can finally start and feel the excitement in the air today as the Canucks are playing the Kings tonight at Rogers Arena! I'm sure if your favourite team is in the playoffs (or not) you're still stoked to see 16 teams battle it out for a chance at Lord Stanley's Cup.

Most know me on my blog for the hockey cards I collect but I am somewhat of a memorabilia collector also. Anything that has a Canucks logo or is Vancouver Canucks related I will try and get my hands on. Anywhere from lamps, stickers, bobble heads etc. I want it! But there is one type of collection that isn't unique to little old me. In fact it's more of a tradition than anything else.

I'm sure you're all familiar with the white towel waving that STARTED here in Vancouver in 1982 that soon other hockey teams and other sports copied started doing themselves.

It's more than just a "thing" we do every year, it's a ritual, something with meaning and importance! Over my short lifespan I've been able to acquire a neat variety of towels, let's take a look at some of them.

This is the oldest towel in my collection. Obviously it's from the Canucks short play-off run in 2003. As you can see it's a bit dirty on the bottom left hand side which I think adds a little character. It's made of a dishcloth type material that could actually be used in your kitchen if you're that type of person. I am not that type of person, this will stay as safe and preserved as possible from now on.

This next towel is wider and whiter then the towel from 2003. The only problem is I'm not sure what year this is from. All I know is that it has to be earlier than 2007 but later than 2003. Take your guess...

Now we're getting into the era of stronger Canucks teams and the "new" Canucks logo. This towel was actually given to me by my 8th grade teacher a few years back. She knew I was a crazy Canucks fan and she left it in my desk for me one morning. Thanks Mme. Armstrong :)

These pair are from 2009. Probably my favourite design and texture. The thinner the towels are the easier they are to whip around above your head.

This is the second appearance this towel has made on my blog. This towel is signed by none other than Roberto Luongo!

It's a funny looking autograph considering he had to sign on towel material. The blue ink looks great and this is one of my favourite signatures because of the uniqueness. Think of it, many might have a Luongo signature on a hockey card, photo and even jerseys; but a towel signature is definitely different!

This one was not given out at Canucks games like all the others, instead it was issued by RBC (Royal Bank of Canada). But I guess it's still a towel so I'll take it anyway.

These two slightly different towels are from last years magical play-off run. The left is obviously from the 4 games the Canucks played against the Bruins here in Vancity. The right towel was being handed out at the other 3 rounds in Vancouver.

I own three towel from the finals and two from the other rounds.

What do they all look like together you ask? Well here is the answer:

That makes for a total of 12 towels with 8 unique designs!

Good luck to your team in the play-offs and enjoy the ride! As always...



  1. Ooooooooooohhh. Nice. That's a great collection.

    I'll have to crack out my towels from the closet and show them off.

    1. I'd love to see that. Get'er done!

    2. Hey Michael.. nice collection.. I also collect Canucks towels from over the years.. I have 13 different ones.
      I built a spreadsheet that outlines all the different towels over the years.. since 1982. I have photo's of each towel that I have found but I'm sure I'm still missing a few. I can email you my excel sheet if your interested? lmk

    3. Ya sure that would be awesome I'll send you and email!

  2. These are great towel shots! I was wondering if anyone has pictures of the towels with the old skate logo, such as the "White Hot" towel from 94. I would love to buy them if someone was interested, but I would love to see the different jerseys.