Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jersey (or Sweater) Card Lot

I've been dabbling in and out of eBay lately and a small lot of 6 cards caught my fancy. Those 6 cards are all memorabilia cards and so I thought I might give it a shot. Sure enough I won the auction and I received my first of what I expect to be about 6 or so bubble envelopes in the mail today.

I bought the lot for a few reasons. First, it included one Canuck GU card and quite a big name at that! Next, there was not one single white swatch in the entire lot and I really appreciate a nice coloured swatch  (especially Philly orange)! Third, I really wanted to bulk my jersey (I'm learning Cap'n) sweater card collection. Also, these kinda lots act for great trade bait! Lastly, it was cheap and I love cheap hockey cards!

I'll list them from highest numbered to lowest. Starting with two unnumbered cards:

Nothing extra ordinary so far. Just your basic UD Series 1 GU hockey card. Rask is the back-up goalie for the Bruins, I would have taken Thomas over Rask since I'm not a huge fan of Tuukka. I seem to have the Bruin bug this year, I pulled a dual jersey of Thomas and Rask in a pack rip of 11-12 Artifacts. 

In fact this is one of two Bruins cards that are in this lot. Both are for trade by the way.

This was a neat pick-up for a few reasons. For starters you don't pull OPC GU cards that often from what I know about the product. Also, this is unnumbered but books for a solid $20. An interesting design for UD to say the least.

Kind of a disappointing card when I read the back and it said it was "used in a rookie photo shoot", yippee! It is from a pretty cool product and it is numbered to /799 I guess. But the unfocused photo just screams laziness. Grrrr!

I don't know a whole lot about Ryan Stoa besides the fact he has only 7 points in 37 games in the NHL and did not play at all for the Avalanche this season. But that doesn't bring me down too much! This is probably my favourite card design out of the lot. It also presents the nicest colour swatch of the bunch and also a fairly big chunk of sweater! Plus it's numbered to /250. Then again, it was used in another photo shoot. When did hockey players become models?

Finally we arrive to my Canucks! Numbered to just /100 copies Nazzy presents a nice blue swatch from a sweater he likely wore in his final season with the Nucks! Naslund was never my favourite player back in the"Express" days, but Big Bert was my type of guy. It's still nice to get a card with #19 on it, he will remain as one of the best to put on a Canucks sweater.

We end off the lot with what is yet another Boston Bruin. Zach Hamill GU RC numbered to /99. It's from a respectable product which means it has a nice thick card stock AND it's shiny and red. Those are all pluses in my books. Other than the fact that Hamill looks completely stoned in the picture and he's a Bruin, I'm a fan of the card.

So for 5 bucks plus about 2 dollars shipping I got what I think was a pretty cool pick-up. These cards should create some nice pieces to fit into trades and if not keep my GU collection slowly stacking higher and higher.

In other news, Luongo pretty much traded himself out of Vancouver today. Always nice to see how the bandwagon reacts to his press conference. It's going to be a LONG off season... 

As for now I'll be rooting for the Devils (as my next favourite team) and if not then the Rangers (since I have them in Casey's play-off contest)! Now that I jinxed both those teams...



  1. The out of focus Nick Johnson card could find a home elsewhere if it wants to.

  2. It's yours! I'll send you out an email tonight.