Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Hit From Nashville? + Matt's Group Break

First up is a quick eBay buy I got for a fairly reasonable price. It's a GU/AUTO piece and is of a player that I first discovered playing NHL 12 (believe it or not), see mom video games do teach you things!

That player is Blake Geoffrion. This rookie from Nashville caught my eye while (like I said) playing NHL 12. I acquired him from a pack of cards in the Ultimate Team game mode and slotted him in my lineup. I started scoring goals with him and he was great on the PK (some players you just play well with). Thus, I started following him in the real world.

First though, here's the card I picked up:

Decent sleek design from UD's SpX product. Not a fan of the base this year but what can I do? Like I said this comes with an "Event Used" swatch, which would be white (bleh) but fortunately comes with an AUTO too, sticker AUTO I should say (bleh). I'm making this card out to be a bad thing when it really isn't! I really like Blake and having a "hit" of him in the collection is great. I've started to make a conscious effort to try and broaden my "hits" selection. Instead of always going for Canucks I'm trying to seek out players from other teams I like too!

The back congratulates me for giving UD money for cardboard and informs me that the swatch is not GU but instead EU (which I didn't know until after I bought the card). Still though it's a great one to add to the collection!

Geoffrion made his NHL debut with the Preds and stayed for half the 2011-12 season until he got moved to Montreal. Interesting fact here, Blake's great-grandfather was Howie Morenz and his grandfather is Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion! Large skates to fill my friend, large skates to fill indeed...

On another note, Matt from Cardboard Conundrum is holding his second box break. For anyone interested click the link and join! His last one was great from what I saw and even though I'm not able to participate in his second, I'm sure it'll be just as good if not better!



  1. Those Spx auto rookie jersey thingy cards are pretty nice. I agree....the base - not so much.

    Curious to see how Blake does in Montreal this year.

  2. I believe his father also had a short career with Montreal, making Blake a 4th grnerarion Montreal player...... Nice card .

  3. HIs dad also played for the should try to get cards for all 4 (probably hard to get autos for Morenz and Boom Boom, but maybe in those cut signatures?)