Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dan Cloutier PC - BTP AUTO

Since I bought that big lot of Cloutier cards months back I still haven't gotten around to showing you all the neat types of cards I acquired. So today we will take a peek at one more page of Cloutier cards and then an eBay pickup that's in the form of an AUTO.

All these cards are from Cloutier first couple years and as you can see he is wearing Rangers gear in all but one of them. That card on the bottom right hand corner comes from a really cool set called UD3 "New Era" (whatever that is). On the opposing left we have Cloutier in what looks to be his junior gear on a card of a company I have never heard of - TetRad. That pillar down the middle is horrendous and the back of the card is no better!

I'm glad that TetRad company is out of business cause that card is just plain weird! 

Now onto the good stuff, an autograph of good old Clouts!

Cloutiers AUTO looks a little weak compared to some of his other stuff, but it stills brings back nostalgic memories. This is one of two sigs Dan has in the regular AUTO set BTP puts out. His other is included in "La Belle Province" subset and is an SP. That might cost a couple more loonies but I should find a deal sooner or later...

The AUTO designs this year don't fall too far from the tree compared to the past couple years but they still show a more modern, sleek looking design. Hey thanks for the AUTO Dr. Price!


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