Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SWEET (AND SOUR) SIGS - Marty McSorley

I recently discovered that my LCS has a bunch of IP AUTO's for five dollars a piece. A little pricey for non-certified AUTO's that are sometimes of players that got 30 seconds on NHL ice, but, I digress. I'm reassured of their authenticity (about 99.9%) because with each player in his big binder, he has either a photo with him, his wife or his close friend alongside the card(s) kinda like a personal certification with every card.

They have three packed binders full of these bad boys. With such a wide variety you really get a great range of signatures; some are "SWEET" and some "SOUR." That is why this new segment is called "SWEET (AND SOUR) SIGS," no it's not because I really like Chinese cuisine (although I do).

Today, we have just one AUTO from that bunch of binders and it is...


Marty McSorley, a man who really needs no introduction. There are a couple of things that really attracted me to this card. First, it's not quite sized like a regular card; it's the same thickness and about a half an inch shorter. Of course you'll notice that the card itself is quite unique as it was issued by the USDA which is "A Public Service in Fire Prevention." It has one kick ass cartoon on the back ta boot!

Second and most obvious is the actual signature, which was the main reason for the purchase. It's signed in a sweet blue sharpie, yet, unfortunately pretty unclear. There was a much clearer AUTO in the binder but this card was too priceless to give up.

Here's a clearer look at his AUTO I pulled off the interweb...

This is courtesy of "My Hockey Card Obsession" actually (first one that showed up on Google images...hope you don't mind Brett). 

This card really gives a better look at his signature. Mine, unfortunately doesn't include his number 33 though.

Here's the thing, I don't really have a clear cut definition of a good or bad AUTO. I just see one and know. So with this whole "SWEET AND SOUR" thing, it's my straight up opinion.

For this AUTO the long straight lines from the "TY" in Marty and the "MSLY" in McSorley really puts him in the good books. It looks like he took time and pride in his signature which I think is missing from the current stars. 

For me Marty McSorley is certified:

How's about you?



1 comment:

  1. No prob at all.

    Marty's sig is very sweet! One of the nicer autos coming from the 90's.

    Amazing that this "goon" has such soft hands when it comes to signing his name.

    Players today need to take note.