Monday, November 26, 2012

I GOT RIPPED OFF (But I Don't Mind) - PART 2

In my previous post I described my relationship with my LCS owners. Don't get me wrong there's a strong bond that builds between fellow collectors, but some times you just feel ripped off.

Last week I showed four new Cloutier cards (two base, one parallel and one insert) in which I payed a hefty eight dollars for. Three of those cards could probably be found in your local quarter box, but hey, at least I kept my purchases local (yay Canada).

Exhibit B would be the pack of Certified I bought at the same time I did the Cloutiers. I've boughten three packs of Certified (here and here) and all three cost me ten bucks a piece. I knew at the time I bought those three other packs that the sign said they were 13 dollars each and I was getting somewhat of a bargain (although ten dollars is the actual cost listed by Panini).

Unfortunately for me this time I did not get that break, I already had 18 bucks of product in my hand (four Cloutiers and another card I'll list later) so why didn't he shave the access three bucks? I guess I just have to bite the bullet, I'm glad I did though because this is what I got:

My solid four base cards pretty much promised in every pack plus...

An extra Tyler Myers base? What could this mean...

Hey! Another Tyler Myers, this time one I actually care about! I actually do love the monster that is Myers. His size is impressive as is, add on the fact he plays on what I would say is in my top three favourite east coast teams and we got ourselves a keeper. It doesn't hurt that he also wears my third favourite number.

For those of you that are interested, my favourite numbers are: first and most important to me - 13, then 24 and 57. 

If you survived that last sentence, let's talk about the actual card. The card in itself is all foiled, similar to the base cards, it has a square GU window with a cool blue swatch beneath. It's also numbered to 299 copies which is just below average for a GU card these days - not bad.

Now, here is my question to you: what's your relationship like with your LCS owner/employees? Are you sometimes caught in sticky situations like the past two I've shared with you?

Let me know your thoughts...


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  1. Well... my LCS (the only one in my city that I know of and that I have only visited twice) has moved their location in my local mall 3 times the past few months... First from a store on one side of the hall to a kiosk in the middle of the hall, same area, and they just moved AGAIN across from the kiosk and their original location!!! Pretty crazy, Ihave never bought anything big, just a couple of packs! Hope to buy from them more though, they are very nice and are very welcoming! (its a mom, dad and son that own the shop)