Tuesday, November 13, 2012

VERSUS: Dan Cloutier Hit VS. 2012-13 Certified

Money in my pocket. Oh why do you taunt me?

With some pocket change to spare this week, I passed by my overpriced but extremely welcoming LCS to pick up some cards. I decided to pace myself...really I did! Of course, things don't always go as planned.

I was talking to the husband (it's a husband and wife that own this shop) and he was telling me one day when I have more time to stop in to see the massive binder of Cloutier cards he has. I agreed and asked him to quickly show me some of his GU and AUTO's of my favourite player.

Turns out he had two on hand. One was an AUTO from the most recent BTP (the one I already have) and the other was a high serial numbered GU card of his.

I asked the price of the GU piece of cardboard and to my utter shock it was a whole 20 bucks! No way José, he knew I wasn't gonna pay anywhere near that price. He then brought it right down to it's BV of 15 bucks.

I politely said "I was thinking more like 5." He smiled and said we could package something up. In the end I bought one pack of Certified and the Cloutier card at a clean 20 bucks total. Perfect for another edition of "VERSUS!"

So let the battle begin:


Like I said, high numbered GU card. It's pretty basic and I believe on eBay I could have probably nabbed it for 3.99 plus shipping, but the owners a nice guy. I think that's what it's all about in the end, meeting stand up guys and gals in the hobby. 

What I really like about this card though is actually the info on the back. It says "In 2003-04, Dan wore this Canucks sweater and recorded his 100th win." Now that's cool! 

To think that this jersey is actually a hallmark in Cloutier's career is crazy!

This ten bucks was well spent, but did it beat out my single pack of Certified?



This one pack out of ten was a long shot for anything good, but for ten bucks it was worth the gamble; and boy was it worth it!

I won't get into the base cards too much, but I like them. I'm not going crazy over them, but I do think they are really cool. It may not seem like this in the scan but you can see the background through the foil. 

The BIG hit of the pack was this beauty...or soon to be beauty!

My very first redemption! I'm not sure why I'm excited because these things are a huge pain in the arse, but hey it's my FIRST ONE! 

Now let's dissect this bad boy. It's a DUAL Signature numbered to 100 copies and the player selection is of the Adam Henrique and Taylor Hall variety.

WOWZA! This is gonna be a good one!

I already redeemed it via paniniamerica.net and I put my time frame as 4 months. So hopefully this card shows up before then. 

My question is should I raise the time frame to 8 months (if possible)? What do you guys think, from experience, will be the time frame between my redeeming it online until I see it in my mailbox?

By any means this 10 dollar pack of cards get's a well deserved high mark of...


DAN CLOUTIER - 8.5/10     <     CERTIFIED - 9.5/10

This was certainly a fun one!

Because of that redemption goodness, I bought two more packs of the 2012-13 Certified product.

I'm weak.

More on that tomorrow!



  1. If you really want the card go with 8 months. Hall and Henrique seem like good signers so I imagine it'll be redeemed, especially with the lockout.

    If you need a replacement down the road, call customer support or media and marketing and talk to Tracy Hackler himself.

    He'll get you in touch with the right people should it not be redeemed for whatever reason.

    Time frame, probably a month to two months, I would entirely guess.

    Congrats on the pull!

  2. What a beauty that hit will be! I would wait it out if I were you. I don't think it's possible to change the date though on the redemption website so you might have to give them a call or something.

  3. That's a nice Cloutier, but you should look at the way it's written on the back: sure, he did both those things in 2003-04 (wear the jersey and win his 100th), but not necessarily at the same time. Yesterday, I showered and ate two meals; kinda glad it was three distinct events, though.

    But all in all, I'd say the redemption card is best. I usually dislike multi-player cards (never know under which one to categorize it), but the two best rookies of the past 5 years together seems like a no-brainer.

    I've had two redemptions from Panini so far (rookies from two different seasons of Score), and both came through the mail in less time than I expected. I would have put 8 months and forgotten about it for a while, and just been psyched when it came back, but some people might not be as patient as I am. Then again, some of the angrier reviews I've read were of people who pay more for one pack than I do for a box, so I understand their impatience.

    Also, nice selection of base cards. Me, I'd try to get Cammy to sign TTM when the season starts again - imagine getting it signed for a little over a buck!

  4. Glad to see that your $10 pack gamble paid off, nice score!!!