Thursday, November 15, 2012


No you are not reading that title wrong. I'm taking a page out Brett's book from MY HOCKEY CARD OBSESSION and doing my own "Linden Card of the Week." Not many big Linden cards come through my collection, not to mention unique ones like this.

First, some back story. Over the lockout many Canucks have done meet and greets at local Vancouver malls. Alex Burrows had his signing a couple weeks ago and last week Trevor Linden and Ryan Kesler had a dual signing at "The Bay" downtown (for you Americans out there, "The Hudson's Bay Company" is Canada's main department store). Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make it out to any three of these guys signings.

To my delight though, a buddy in my Electrician Apprenticeship program was going to see Linden along with one of his other friends. He asked if I wanted to come along, but I declined as I had practice that evening. I asked if he could grab me an autograph while he was there and he said he could "see what [he] could do."

The next day he said they limited everyone to one signature per person, but they were handing out extra AUTO's throughout the line. The stack of extra signatures was half of T-Lind and half of Kess, the line was about 500 to 600 people long. So if my math is correct, this oversized card is limited to about 250 to 300 copies.

My buddy handed it to me with a smile today, but I think my smile was bigger. Trevor Linden is after all - Captain Canuck.

Before I continue, let's take a look at the card:

The card is 5" by 7" and is signed by Mr. Linden himself. There are some questions I raise though, why in the world did he not sign it vertically? Also, why does it say "Guys' Night Out" on the top? Whatever the answers are, it doesn't matter - it's Linden after all.

Although, it seems there is a crimp or crease in the top right corner, which is disappointing. Also, the card is blank on the back. Like I said before, I don't care because it's Trevor Linden!

There you have it folks. A C4K version of a MHCO classic, hope it didn't disappoint too much!



  1. there is a slight error in your story...

    I, am Captain Canuck. Trevor Linden was Captain of the Canucks.

    A grammatical difference I give you, but a difference nonetheless.

  2. I approve of this post.

    Very nice oddball pickup.

    Just for clarification.....there is only one Captain Canuck.

    I'll leave it at that. :)

    1. Thanks Brett! I think the Montreal spirit is infecting Cap'n...he needs to brush up on what his name really means...

  3. Captain Canuck... Stan Smyl?

    Markus Naslund?

    Just kidding - Linden's The One for me as well!