Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OOPSIES! Contest #3 - Answer

The fact I said that this error was an easy one, I believe tripped some of you up. The answer smacked you right in the face, but I believe some of you dug a little too deep, which isn't a bad thing. Some even started finding errors that made me question if there was more than one mistake on the card.

At last, there is only one true blunder on this card, take a look one last time and see if you can narrow it down:

ANSWER: In the bottom right hand corner is a Maple Leafs logo. Dan Cloutier never played for the Maple Leafs...ever...

In fact it looks like there is a Canucks logo actually underneath the Laughs logo. Looks like they got it right the first time. Because of the uniqueness of the error, I took a look at my double and it had the same mistake.

Nonetheless, 11 out of 16 of you got it correct. Unfortunately, 1967'er only gets partial points because he took two guesses kinda. 

There were 4 of you that went bananas and made me do some research. The comment on the back of the cards mention Cloutier getting "double digit wins" when he only had 7 wins in the 2000-01 season. Those "double digits" refer to the 2001-02 season. With that * before the save percentage stat, I couldn't find anything online or on the back of the card. Unfortunately, that will not count for points...

With that being said here is where all the contestants stand!

1.     NordH - 6 points
2.     Jess - 5 points
        JGBlargh - 5 points
4.     Kevin Osimitz - 4.5 points
5.     Brad Larocque - 4 points
        1976ers - 4 points
        BTHCC Kyle - 4 points
        Sean - 4 points
        Hockey Fan (Paul) - 4 points
10.   Cap'n Canuck - 3.5 points
        S├ębastian Hell - 3.5 points
        Kazi - 3.5 points
13.   Skroeker - 3 points
        Jason - 3 points
15.   Dave H - 2.5 points
16.   JS - 2 points
        Paul - 2
        Baseballislife - 2 points
        Sal - 2
        Jayzin Smith - 2 points
21.   Matt Pederson - 0.5 points 

The next one will be harder I promise!



  1. I think that when you called the card a "stat pumper," that sent a bunch of people off to the stats to look for the error.

    1. True...never thought of it that way. Some unintended misguidance there...

  2. I can't believe that I missed out on this one! It was even easier than the last one. Ah, such is life.

    Did you get the last e-mail that I sent you? Just want to make sure that it didn't end up in your junk folder.