Tuesday, April 23, 2013

THANKS CHRIS! - Cloutier Tetrad AUTO

Yet another thank you post from yet another awesome guy. I'm a lucky man considering how nice people are toward me and my collection.

On to the story. Chris contacted me for help finding some old Canucks/Kings play-off tickets from 2012. He's a Kings fan and is having a little trouble finding Vancouver home tickets. Over the past months I've been searching like a mad man but with little to show for.

As I was continually sifting through craigslist and talking to the local collectors, Chris e-mailed me saying he had a nice thank you gift. 

I have to say, even after all that searching I still don't have the tickets, but he still sent me the card. What a guy eh?

Now this card is funky in a lot of ways. First, the design is unorthodox (to say the least), the numbering is a sky scraper high /7,750 but oh boy is this a sick card! 

This is my guy Clout in his classic all red pads and bucket helmet from his Greyhound days. This card is cool, cool and more cool!

And for a fourth cool, check out the signature. Notice anything different? Probably not if you're not a Cloutier fan. He signed with number 33 not his 39 he wore for most of his career, not that's unique!

Thank you Chris; this card will sit nicely next to the rest of my Cloutier hits! Plus its another one off the want list!


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