Sunday, April 14, 2013

Unanswered Redemption - What To Do?

Let me set the scene. November 13th, 2012. I'm opening a few packs of Panini Certified and BAM! Redemption card. My first redemption card ever to be precise. Not a bad one either.

In fact, the card I pulled was numbered to just 100 copies and was a dual signature card of Taylor Hall and Adam Henrique.

Although I see myself either trading or selling this card, it's still a significant card to have no doubt.

Why do I bring this up? Well 5 months later I still have received no update and I'm sure no progress has been made in making/sending me the card.

Now like I mentioned, this is my first time dealing with a redemption; therefore, I'm kinda left in the dark here. I do commend Panini's customer service as I have communicated with them in the past. Tracy Hackler over at Panini's official blog is a generous and understanding guy from what I gather with my past encounters with him.

Unfortunately though, whenever I look at my redemption status online, this is what I see:

Now I believe I remember selecting the 4 month option for the redemption so they're already a month behind. But, better late than never Panini! 

So I ask you, my readers: will I ever see THIS card? Will I be able to get my hands on a replacement card? If so, how and when? And lastly, am I pressing the panic button too early?

Your help would be much appreciated, chances are you know better than me!



  1. Wait for it to come back and trade it to me....hahahaha.

    Hard to say, they will more than likely fill it eventually would be my guess, but then again Matt seems to have had some luck in the past on replacements. Really a tough call. But seriously, if you do get the card, I would trade you for it!

  2. Panini will keep it "pending," until A: You request a replacement, or B: They figure out that they will never see the card.

    What I do, is request a replacement for my favorite team, so I am almost always happy with the results. Keep in mind, though, part of the reason I am always so satisfied, is that I never really wanted the original card to begin with, so in my mind, a Penguins card is always an upgrade.

    I wouldn't recommend requesting a replacement for a card you want, though, but since you would be planning on selling/trading this card anyway, it wouldn't be the worst idea.

    Every Friday, Panini posts a redemption update on their blog, and even today, I still see the occasional 2010 card on the list, so there's no telling when it'll come in. Could be next week, could be next year. But until you request a replacement, it'll still sit in your account as a pending redemption.

    If you do decide to get a replacement, I'd recommend calling Panini's customer service line and talking to a person. Also give them some kind of guidance on teams or players you would like. Or you could just roll the dice and see what they send. A couple of months ago, I got a Malkin auto /25 for a Kyle Okposo patch auto /15, so sometimes they can REALLY be an upgrade.

    Keep us posted with what you decide to do, though, and if it's a Penguin, I call dibs.