Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well the contest has finally come to an end and it finished with 4 great entries. Let's have a look at them in the order that I received them.

Brad (Cards from the Crease)

This mask design was the most creative in my mind. Brad explained that "My Pet Monster" was his favourite show as a kid. 

Paul (Card Boarded)

Paul's design was the second I received. The logos on each side and down the front is from his favourite band. The words and lines all around are lyrics to some of his favourite songs. Very cool inspiration for your mask Paul!

Kazi (Hockey Kazi)

Kazi was the only one to make use of the old-school design. He went with a simple yet effective TO logo.


A last minute entry was great to see from one of my newest followers. Love that he repped his his team and he made a great use of his photoshop abilities. 

All that entered put up a plug so all get 5 bonus points.

The winner is...


Thanks Justin for the great designs in the end you're score just won by a single point (thats how close it was). Awesome job bud, I'll send you an e-mail asking for your address and you'll received either an auto or GU card with a special team pack of your contest winning Colorado Avalanche.

That's it folks, until next time. Btw, did I make the right choice in your mind? Let me know, drop me a comment.



  1. They were all worthy designs, I might have chosen the Pet Monster one for originality and perhaps given the Leafs spot fourth-place for its overly simplistic style - or maybe just because I'm a Habs fan and am programmed to do so!

    The best ''idea'' might have been the music one, and you definitely awarded the most ''photoshop-heavy'' piece, but they were all good renditions of good ideas.

    Good job to all 4 of you!

  2. "Monster" would have gotten my vote. Talk about thinking out of the box!

    But Al's TML mask need to go on my fridge with a "My Kid Made This!" magnet :)

    Again, sorry that I did not participate in this contest. Was in a bit of a time crunch then :(

    Awesome idea.