Wednesday, August 24, 2011

TOP 60 CARDS (Part 1) - #60-56

Yes, a new segment! While I was shuffling through Shoebox Legends older posts I found these. I thought to myself what a great idea, so I'm gonna be a little copy cat and do my own Top 60 cards. This will be a 12 part series, and we'll examine 5 cards per time.

Will all the cards be autos? Probably not. Will they be mostly GU/jersey cards? Most likely not. All RC? Don't think so. But they all have to have at least a $5 BV though, right Michael? Nope. Get the gist? These cards can be chosen in my top 60 for any varying reason, from a funny pic to pure greatness.

First I must apologize in advance for my cut off scans. I purchased a MacBook Air with a portion of my summer job money and I'm still getting use to the scanning. But this things a beaut so I can't complain. Let's start!

#60 - 1990-91 Bowman Daren Puppa (#242)

Mr. Puppa has always stuck in my mind from the old computer NHL hockey games. I mean with a name like Puppa (poo-pa) you can't help but liking the guy. So being the first card of his I remember getting, brings back good memories. Also, this rainbow like border of this Bowman set is in my top 20 sets (hey theirs another good idea).

#59 - 1990-91 Topps Grant Fuhr (#321)

Well here's another set that could jump in my top 20 (although since I'm Canadian, I'm partial to OPC). I really love the coordination of pads/helmet etc. from the older goalies. Nowadays masks don't always match everything else. But here Grant shows some nice style. Although the Oilers have been the competitive division rivals of the Nucks (at times) these old school jerseys are probably in my top 25 of all-time (wow, I'm mister great idea today).

#58 - 1992-93 UD Jim Hrivnak (#151)

Another great jersey! The caps went back to a more modern look a couple seasons ago (thank God). But before the modern rejuvenation, we had the originals. Here Hrivnak is sporting that jersey in a great warm-up shot. This shot is one that is used not all the time, but when executed well - it's great. Again the mask design goes along well with the rest of the equipment so that's always a plus.

#57 - (A) 1990-91 Score Edmonton Oilers (#331) / (B) 1995-96 Topps New Jersey Devils (#218)

Ahhhhh...hoisting Lord Stanley, something all aspiring hockey players dream off. I think these two cards speak for themselves, especially how happy Marty looks in the front of the Topps card. Simply overjoyed!

#56 - 1994-95 Pinnacle Doug Lidster (#409)


56. 1994-95 Pinnacle Doug Lidster
57. 1990-91 Score / 1995-96 Topps - Oilers / Devils Stanley Cup
58. 1992-93 UD Jim Hrivnak
59. 1990-91 Topps Grant Fuhr
60. 1990-91 Bowman Daren Puppa

That's it for this segment, more to come soon!



  1. Great post. I think I'll have to do this as well one of these days. As far as the cards you have here, I always seem to notice that Hrivnak when sorting through my old Caps cards...

  2. cool dude... but if I may make a suggestion... if you do a 10 part series and feature five cards at a time, you'll end it at #11.
    Maybe you could do a twelve part series with five cards at a time. Then we could all get to see the top 10.

    Just sayin'....

  3. Hahahaha...yaaaaaaa...let's go with that then...thank goodness someone is thinking on their feet

  4. I use to have Grant Fuhr's D&R goalie equipment for road hockey.
    Nice post

  5. Your Jim Hrivnak card reminds me of this little gem from 90-91 UD

    I think it has been used again recently if memory serves me right too.

  6. Your site has now been added to the Sports Card Blogroll.


    JayBee Anama

  7. Awesome, glad to see someone else doing a top 60! I can't wait to see the rest of your list.