Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GAME DAY - Sept. 24th, 2011 - Canucks vs. Ducks

Today I'm introducing a new segment to my ever growing blog. This time with a more creative and personal flair. Last Saturday I attended my first hockey game of the 2011-12 season (even though it was pre-season). So this inspired me to do a little write up on all the Canucks games I go to. That'll include the ticket (and I keep every single one), photos, and last but not least extra commentary (sometimes it may get a little heated!)

I know your not all Canucks fans and it may be a bit boring to some non-Vancouverites so I'll try to make it as generally pleasing to all. Let's start with the ticket!

As you can clearly see on the ticket, the seats for this game were pretty fantastic. Just to give you a reference, the green men would be sitting about 5 rows below us (if they were there). Prime seating (too bad these aren't our regular tickets). These were offered to me by my good buddy from school who had scored these tickets from his older brother. His brother just recently got accepted as an intern for the Canucks dealing in media, ya, I know, pretty freaking sick job. Long story short, I got to go to the game!

We got there fairly early so we could get a good spot during the warm-up. Take a look:

These pictures were taken by my crappy iPhone 3G, so I'm pleasantly surprised to see how well they turned out. Obviously, we were on the enemies side for the warm-up but nonetheless pretty cool to see how they do there thing compared to rep hockey. 

Trust me though, the story get's better. As the Ducks are doing a couple laps around their corridors, Teemu Selanne skates by. Me and my buddy point at our chins mocking Teemu's nasty facial hair. He didn't find it funny and gave us a death stare. The next lap around though he lightened up and actually nodded back when we nodded. The third time he stopped and threw a puck over the boards! I caught it, but I gave it to my buddy since he got the tickets and I already had one at home.

Here's my friend holding the "official practice puck". 

Oh ya! The actual game, well if you knew me personally you'd know that any hockey game involves me doing a whole lot of yelling and that's what me and my buddy did. It was an appropriate game to start screaming at refs etc. because we lost. Thank you Getzlaf, Ryan, Perry and Selanne for coming and beating us in front of our home crowd against a bunch of 3rd/4th line players! Oh and thanks Jacques for being the first player this season to get serenaded with boo's of the ice...nothing like a cheap shot!

Final score was 4-1 I believe and my last pic captures the only Canucks goal of the game (kinda).

That's all she wrote for today, let me know what you think of the segment and if you'd like to see more of it in the future!



  1. cool.

    but does that say, $235 dollars for a ticket?

  2. Yup...welcome to Vancouvers ticket pricing...
    We were on the club side too which meant we got served really crappy food and were expected to leave a big tip...such is life

  3. Ya it is pretty ridiculous but like I said I got the tix free, but on any other occasion I would;t fork that much out (especially for pre-season).

    Just try to imagine what those seats were selling for on game 7 of the finals last year!!