Sunday, September 11, 2011

TOP 60 CARDS (Part 3) #50-46

I've been getting some really awesome mail days lately and although I already have my top 60 planned out, I'll be updating my top 60 constantly inducting new cards and kicking out others. But for now we'll just stick to what I have planned out. Let's start!

#50 - 1993-94 UD Kirk Muller (#148)

This card is my favourite card from this set by far. Muller holding Lord Stanley's Cup with the nice Habs lid on.

#49 - 1992-93 UD "Profiles" Alexei Kovalev (#633)

Even though I'm not a huge fan of Kovalev's game I love his soccer background. His shootout moves in the All-Star game a couple years ago showed that. This card is the sorta cheesy picture that would go on one of my hockey cards if I were an NHL player (one can dream right?)

#48 - 1992-93 UD "Profiles"Darius Kasparaitis (#623)

Uhhhhhh...I think the picture speaks for itself. I can smell cheese just looking at the card, just terribly great.

#47 - 2003-04 Canucks Postcard Fin (AUTO)

You can't tell by the scan but this autographed mascot card is a jumbo postcard. I got this from fin at a super skills competition years ago.

#46 - 2002-03 Pacific McDonalds "Glove Side Net-Fusions" Dominik Hasek (#2)

This is the other Net-Fusions card I had to showcase. Number 55 was also from this set but featured goalie Evgeni Nabokov.

So that's it for this one. Short and sweet. Here's the list:

46. 2002-03 Pacific McDonalds "Net-Fusions" Dominik Hasek
47. 2003-04 Canucks Fin Postcard (SIGNED)
48. 1992-93 "Profiles" Darius Kasperaitis
49. 1992-93 "Profiles" Alexei Kovalev
50. 1993-94 UD Kirk Muller
51. 2006-07 BAP RC AUTO Patrick O'Sullivan /10
52. 1990-91 Score Jan Erixon
53. 2007-08 UD McDonalds "In the Crease" Ryan Miller
54. 1994-95 Pinnacle Sylvain Turgeon (ft. Patrick Kane)
55. 2002-03 Pacific McDonalds "Net-Fusions" Evgeni Nabokov
56. 1994-95 Pinnacle Doug Lidster
57. 1990-91 Score / 1995-96 Topps - Oilers / Devils Stanley Cup
58. 1992-93 UD Jim Hrivnak
59. 1990-91 Topps Grant Fuhr
60. 1990-91 Bowman Daren Puppa



  1. I like the Muller card best, good stuff.

  2. Cool stuff. I really like that Hasek. There was always something cool about those 'net fusion' cards back in the day...