Friday, September 23, 2011

TOP 60 CARDS (Part 4) #45-41

It seems as if I've been circling between three different types of posts (the Goalie Project, Top 60, and what does 25 bucks getcha?). I'll probably be continuing this circle until I officially end my collecting season and do a year end review, new collecting goals and my updated "numbers" post. For now let's drill through these next five cards.

Also, since I've been getting some freakin kick ass cards in these past few weeks, I'll be doing constant updates and additions into my top 60. This will help me show the best of my collection and make pulling a good/great card that much better.

#45 - 2003-04 McDonalds Pacific Atomic Hockey "Saturday Night Rivals" Patrick Lalime / Ed Belfour (#5)

As you can see, the condition of this card isn't great. Probably because it was passed around the playground many times before I got my hand on it. This type of insert is exactly what I loved collecting back in the day and enjoy even now. Even though these are two east coast teams, this is still an awesome card.

#44 - 1991-92 UD John Tanner (#119)

This picture has to be my favourite picture to ever go on a card in history! I mean, how can you not love this pic. From the throwback Nordiques gear to the full on hip back check going on. Even the guy in the upper right hand corner has the look of absolute disgust on his face. LOVE this card!

#43 - 1992-93 UD Profiles Doug Gilmour (#639)

...I think I'll let the picture speak for itself...

#42 - 1992-93 UD Bloodlines Trevor & Jamie Linden (#38)

Nothing like looking back at one of your very first Linden cards as a kid. Anything Trevor is great in my eyes!

#41 - 2010-11 Score Nazem Kadri "Hot Rookies" (#501)

After dazing in and out of card collecting the past few years before this blog, I never really knew what was valuable in my collection. But once I got back in the game and started my blogging, my eyes have opened. Collecting became research, odds, and gambling. I wanted hits and lots of them! I wasn't just content with pulling all base cards, and this card marked the beginning of my new collecting obsession. This years Score set was one of my favourite sets, cheap, good inserts, and if you're lucky an auto. But the Hot Rookies is what I really admired, for the first time my sole goal was to collect this years best RC's.  Nazem Kadri is just the first of three "Hot Rookie" card in my top 60. 

41. 2010-11 Score "Hot Rookies" Nazem Kadri 
42. 1992-93 UD "Bloodlines" Trevor & Jamie Linden
43. 1992-93 UD "Profiles" Doug Gilmoure
44. 1991-92 UD John Tanner
45. 2003-04 Pacific McDonalds "Saturday NIght Rivals" Lalime / Belfour
46. 2002-03 Pacific McDonalds "Net-Fusions" Dominik Hasek
47. 2003-04 Canucks Fin Postcard (SIGNED)
48. 1992-93 "Profiles" Darius Kasperaitis
49. 1992-93 "Profiles" Alexei Kovalev
50. 1993-94 UD Kirk Muller
51. 2006-07 BAP RC AUTO Patrick O'Sullivan /10
52. 1990-91 Score Jan Erixon
53. 2007-08 UD McDonalds "In the Crease" Ryan Miller
54. 1994-95 Pinnacle Sylvain Turgeon (ft. Patrick Kane)
55. 2002-03 Pacific McDonalds "Net-Fusions" Evgeni Nabokov
56. 1994-95 Pinnacle Doug Lidster
57. 1990-91 Score / 1995-96 Topps - Oilers / Devils Stanley Cup
58. 1992-93 UD Jim Hrivnak
59. 1990-91 Topps Grant Fuhr
60. 1990-91 Bowman Daren Puppa


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  1. A nice variety of cards; That Tanner card has always been one of my favorites too, since a kid. Always thought it was an interesting looking card. Same goes for the Bloodlines card, I wonder whatever happened to Jamie Linden...

    Other than that, that Saturday Night Rivals card looks pretty cool - I haven't seen these before but I'd like to see what others are included in that set.