Sunday, February 17, 2013

NHCD Canadian Set

Happy (American) National Hockey Card Day to all those south of the border. For us Canadians (eh) we had our second Christmas last weekend.

I already posted my big box break of Limited but along with those cards came 2 free packs of UD's NHCD set. Since I know the owner of my LCS pretty well he hooked me up with an entire complete set.

Along with the three checklists, there were four sub sets.

"Hockey Heroes" has all the retired Canadian legends such as that beauty Bobby Orr card. I might add all the cards feature the player in Canadian gear. That Orr is a classic! 

Next is "Pride of Canada," which is shown in the middle with Sid the Kid. These are current Canadian NHL stars.

Finally is "Canada's Rookies," which is pretty self explanatory. 

But then there is that one extra subset. Only one card...

Ya, I would say that's a pretty "Memorable Moment." This is card 16, and I think is a little bit of a tougher pull. Not sure, correct me if I'm wrong. 

I got a few doubles from two extra packs so if anyone needs anything to complete a set, let me know!

We'll finish off with a full view of the loot:



  1. Swee cards, I just am looking for a Canadian to trade an extra US Set to.

  2. need # 1 Schwartz and # 3 Stone--card # 16 wasn't a pack pull but was given out with a purchase