Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Unlucky Limited

A week back, on NHCD in Canada, I purchased a box of Limited. Little did I know the monstrous effects it would have on my Canucks.

I'm crazy you say? Let's examine the facts.

My first hit was of a young Dallas rookie name Brenden Dillon. I had no clue who he was except for the fact that last season he appeared in only one NHL game.

This season he has played 16 games in the big league and has had quite a positive effect on the Dallas back line. When February 15th rolled around, it was game time against the Stars. It had the aggressiveness and grit of a play-off game, which I have yet to see in a Canucks game thus far. 

With three minutes left in the third and the game tied at three, this happens...

Brenden Dillon folks.

Unlucky Limited.

Fast forward two more nights and the Canucks play home to the Blues. Who's in net for St. Louis? Non other than Jake Allen.

I also pulled a nice GU piece of him numbered to /99 copies in my Limited break.

Another 3-3 hockey game in OT. Allen has played a solid game but still nothing to write home about. Until with less than a minute left in OT, Burrows gets a beauty chance, and then...

... Jake Allen makes a beauty glove save. He went on to save both shots in a shootout to win the game for the Blues.

Unlucky Limited.

I'm just waiting for my other hit of Gadsby and Ullman to bite me somehow. I don't know, how but it will.

My Nucks were on a six game winning streak until they met those two hot rookies; now they are 0-1-2 in their last three.

I tend to follow the players I get "hits" off. Do you tend to do that? Has this ever happened to you?

I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy...except the Blackhawks.


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