Thursday, February 7, 2013

SWEET (AND SOUR) SIGS - Canucks Edition

Upon my daily browsing of the Vancouver Canucks official website, I found a very neat video about something we all love in this hobby blogging world - autographs!

You don't see much of players talking about their signature or even picking apart their fellow teammates, so I found this video quite entertaining.

The Canucks are a funny bunch of guys which doesn't hurt either. Check out the link HERE.

A couple observations I made.

1) I agree; Luongo's AUTO is horrid.

2) Higgins, like many others, just guesstimates where the dots in his name go.

3) Lapierre is a perfect example of how an AUTO can go from SWEET to SOUR

I wouldn't say Lappy's signature was great to begin with, but it definitely did decline after a couple of seasons!

What did you think of the video, any other related vids come to mind?



  1. I tend to pay attention to in-person or even TTM autographs to judge a player's signature, because even though those inserted in packs are guaranteed by the manufacturer, often those are sent to the guy in the off season or during training camp, and he has to sign hundreds of cards from dozens of brands, so he kind of HAS TO phone it in, if not the whole way through, then at least by the end when his wrist is sore.

    The hard-signed in pack ones that usually come out the best are rookie ones - not because the player is young and not jet jaded, but mostly because there are less in circulation from a smaller number of sets, which means he has less to do, and more time to apply himself.

    I really want that Habs Lapierre one, though, been looking for one for a while, just found them to be too expensive on Ebay...

  2. I have the MEGA RARE 1994-95 Pinnacle World Juniors Dan Cloutier RINK COLLECTION (redemption)(#522). Would you want to trade for some tickets? email me... I can send you a scan. I also have some other great Cloutier stuff.