Wednesday, December 12, 2012


About a month ago, I got an e-mail from a fellow collector who had a couple of really nice Cloutier cards he was willing to part with. His website, The Potvin Collection, showcases some very nice Potvin and Gagner pieces. Unfortunately, with free time at a minimum (evident by my weekly posts) I had to put our potential trade on the back burner.

A little over a week ago though, Mike contacted me again and said he was sending the two Cloutier's for nothing in return! Wow, I can't believe the kindness of hockey card collectors, it truly is a tight community!

Well Mike, before I even show off the two beauties, I have to thank you greatly! And don't think this will go unnoticed, the kindness will be returned!

Anyways, like I mentioned, the cards are some really nice pieces.

I've seen this card on the Bay for awhile but haven't been happy enough with the prices to jump. Thankfully, I can cross this off the want list. The GU window is a little different and the colour swatch the dark Canucks navy blue.

What really pops out at me on this card is the photo choice. The card comes from the ITG Action set so it's appropriate that ITG used an actual action photo, not just a shot of Cloutier in his ready position. Thumbs up ITG!

WOWEEEEE! That's a nice looking piece of GU goodness! That's a piece of his pad by the by. The scanner didn't really show it vert well, but the pad is a white (not so crystal white though) tone with a nice grey seem running straight across the patch. 

Hands down the coolest piece of Cloutier on card memorabilia yet! I'm looking to trying to get one piece from each set of equipment. So far I have: jersey, stick and pad; just need the glove and blocker!

Thanks again Mike! I'm really excited in getting these new Clouts!

As always, check out the website on the right hand side to see my entire Dan Cloutier PC!



  1. Those are really nice pieces - congrats.

    And, yeah, hockey card collectors really are a generous bunch, and it's good to keep thanking them publicly for their generosity.

    Good on both of you!

  2. Fantastic photo on the first piece and a gorgeous memorabilia piece on the second.

    A couple of slam dunks.......wait, that's basketball.