Thursday, May 2, 2013


If you've been following my Redemption story (Part 1 & Part 2) you'll know that I've been long awaiting a very special card. One that would pick up some fairly nice returns in a trade and possibly some good cash on eBay.

Those two reasons were the only things pushing my desire to get my hands on this card. I would only really want to hold onto this card because of it's rarity, but I think it would be appreciated more somewhere else.

Saying that, a week ago I got this beauty in the mail from Panini:

This card is obviously one that would be attractive to many different collectors, not just Oilers and Devils fans but there are many Hall and Henrique collectors that pay big bucks for their sigs. The only downside to the card I can think of is that the AUTO's are stickers, but not a huge deal in the long run.

Nice simple design that carries from front to back and the paragraph ties the two Spitfire players together nicely.

I really do like the sheer awesomeness of the card, but like I said, I know collectors that would appreciate this much more than I.

With that being said, Kyle - we'll be in touch.

Also, best wishes to all the hopeful teams in the Stanley Cup play-offs! Hopefully my Nucks can shake the dust off their sticks and get playing the way we use to!



  1. Don't get me wrong it is a sweet card, But redemption's are made so that players can sign the cards themselves and not stickers. A company has 3 options for Autographs, 1. delay the release of the product for on card autos, 2. have sticker auto's or add redemption's for on card auto's. So this just confuses me.

  2. If you are fielding offers on this card let me know :)