Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BOX BREAK: 2001-02 Victory

ALL cards I pick up and are new to my collection you see them as well, so today I have a box break and next I will have pack break. First things first though, passing  through my local Wal-Mart I noticed a box of cards saying 55% off on it. When I picked it up and saw that it was Victory I was a little disappointed but for 15 bucks I got some neat Gold Parallels and a couple cool RC. There are no GU cards or AUTO's in this set. The set is made up off all base, the box includes 36 packs with 10 cards per pack.

440 Cards Set
(1-360) Team CL's and Normal Base
(361-390) Victory Prospect(s)
(391-440) Mr. Hockey's Greats

There is also a 13 card update set that ranges from cards 441-453. That update includes RC's like Pavel Datsyuk, Kovalchuck, and Hossa.

These are what the base cards look like. Nothing special, in fact I think using the same pic on the right side of the card is nothing to draw the eye to. Here's how they look as the Gold Parallel (inserted 1:2).

Here's how the cookie crumbles for this part of the base:

CARDS: 1-360
TOTAL: 300 (12 doubles)
COMPLETED: 289/360

The cards above are cards going into my Canucks folders. Probably the best thing about this set was getting cards you just wouldn't usually try to grab, like Salo in a Sens uni etc. I also was able to coincidentally pick up a Marco Sturm card.

The Victory Prospect cards come in different variations such as triple...


And single...

These cards were fun to pull, especially when I pulled some half decent players like Chris Mason and Kippy.

CARDS: 361-390
TOTAL: 25 (1 double)

Finally there are the Mr. Hockey's Greats cards. Most selections were dynamite but there were some duds in the mix. These cards showed the best 50 players from the 2000-01 season through the eyes of Gordie Howe.

Nazzy was the lone "great" sporting a Nucks jersey. Super Mario, Hasek, Roy, Jagr and company are always welcome in my collection so I'll take 'em.

CARDS: 391-440

So what does 15 bucks buy me? Well including the 2 cards I had already from this set and if my math is correct, this is what it works out to...

CARDS: 1-440
TOTAL: 362 (13 doubles)
COMPLETED: 349/440

This box doesn't end here though. I pulled tons of random goalies to go along with my Goalie Project. That might be a little bit of a random post, but look for that in the near future. As well as a pack break of 2010-11 UD Series 1 like I've already mentioned. But even more exciting than that is a little contest I've been drawing up for a while. My next post will be my 100th and so to celebrate this achievement I'll be throwing out a neat little contest your way.



  1. I like the Mr. Hockey's Greats cards, especially the Lemieux. I still haven't gotten use to seeing Linden in a Capitals jersey.

  2. Can you email me your address at some point? I have a card that I've been sitting on for quite a while that I don't want any longer, and I think you'd appreciate it!

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  4. Nice break! I remember busting this stuff back when I was in middle school. Fun times...

  5. $15 for a 10-year old box of cards sounds like good times to me. Hopefully, you can finish off the set for cheap.