Tuesday, July 19, 2011

QUICKY + Contest Update

So I've been absent from the blogging world over the past 5 days and it looks like for at least 3 more. My summer job (which I love) involves the occasion traveling (when my parents permit) and this time it takes me to a smaller island off of Vancouver island. I'll be working all day in the bright sun, on the sunshine coast for the next few days. Therefore, no blogging will be done.

I promise though that I will get back into the run of things once I get back. Like I've mentioned before I have a whole mess of Goalie Project cards from that Victory box break. Plus, Sal over at Puck Junk sent me a few nice RC's to add to the GP also which I will showcase shortly. Thanks Sal!

As for other incoming hockey card lovin' I still have a pack of this years Series 1 to share AND I just won a very nice box on eBay. I was inspired to search after this box after seeing Dave's (Wax Stain Rookie's) very successful box break of 2006-07 Be A Player! So look for that coming in over the next couple weeks or so.

As for the contest, I've only had 5 entries out of a possible 20 come in. My more realistic goal was to have 10 sign up, so make sure you click the link on the top right hand corner and sign up before July 22nd!

More to come very soon...



  1. Just wondering if we could draw our own template or did we have to use one of the templates that you had posted.

  2. Yup Brad, no problem. I just offered up those templates in case you guys couldn't find them. Looking forward to what u can muster up!