Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yup, it's that time finally! You've likely already heard this idea a few times before, but here it is again. I'm giving you two different goalie mask templates - one modern mask, one old-timers mask. It's your job to make this mask your own. Use any team or design you want. Make this your ideal mask, one that you would use if you were an NHL/AHL etc. goalie! Here are the rules:

1. You MUST be following my blog to enter the contest (a little self-promoting if you will).

2. You may use any of the templates below, or make you own template and submit it.

Of course you don't have to use this template at this size, you can expand them.

3. You can fill out the template anyway you want. By hand (drawing, coloring etc.), through the computer (Photoshop etc.).

4. You can enter your mask in two ways: First, you can send me a link to a scan of your mask, or you can email me the scan at johnny (underscore) canuck57 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

5. You can put your own twist on your mask and have fun with it but keep in mind the criteria:

Creativity - /10
Originality - /10
Colors - /10
Personal Story Telling/Personality Shown - /10
Professionally done - /5
BONUS - /5

TOTAL - /50

6. Bonus points are if you put a plug on your blog about the contest. Doing that alone get's you five big ones. Leave a comment in the comment box below with a link to your plug for proof.

7. DEADLINE IS AUGUST 13th, 2011
Yes that's a month from now. I realize that many of you guys won't be able to chalk up one right away so I'm giving you quite a bit of time to get this done.

8. There are 20 spots to fill in this contest, if I don't get 20 by July 22nd, I'll cut the number to however many I have at that time. So first, leave me a comment saying your doing the contest before they all get taken up!!


1 - Paul (Card Boarded) 
2 - Brad (TTM Hockey) 
3 - Kazi (Hockey Kazi) 
4 - Sal (Puck Junk) 
5 - Marko (Markos Hockey Autos) 
6 - Dave (Wax Stained Rookie)  
7 - 
8 - 
9 - 
10 - 
11 - 
12 - 
13 - 
14 - 
15 - 
16 - 
17 - 
18 - 
19 - 
20 - 

That's it! Have fun with it and let me know if you're interested so I can plug you in! Remember to follow and add a plug to your website!



  1. I'm in. Should be interesting, can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

  2. I'll see what I can muster up!

  3. This sounds like a great contest. I would like to participate.

  4. count me in! i'm not the best artist but i'll see what I can do

  5. Hey just wondering if you could change the link to my blog to it would be much appreciated :) Thanks

  6. Alright, I have enough courage to embarrass myself, sign me up. I was hoping for a "special" category but since there is none, I will get slaughtered by everyone else!

  7. Here's a plug:

  8. Thanks Paul, so far you and Brad are the only ones with the 5 extra bonus points

  9. late plug at my site