Monday, July 25, 2011

PACK RIP - 2010-11 Pinnacle (GU HIT!)

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I've promised a pack rip for a while now but simply haven't found the time to post up my cards. I originally promised a pack rip of this years Series 1, but after pulling all base I decided to spare you the anticipation and rip a fairly new pack of Pinnacle. I've only ripped one other pack and I pulled a GU hit of Ryan Suter. I'm not gonna lie though I did feel out the packs to nab the thickest one. I figure that I rather pull GU cards more than anything these days because I'm in need of building that part of my collection greatly. Plus at five bucks a pack I'd be pretty choked pulling only base.

Here are just a few base I pulled from the pack.

Great pictures as usual from this product, this is growing on me more and more.

Now for the good stuff, my GU card I pulled. I had picked up this pack from the bunch knowing pretty well that there was a GU card inside, and the car ride home was a long one in the anticipation of what the card might be. I might have gotten more excited than I should have because the card wasn't as great as I thought it would be, but nonetheless nice to have.

Damn smudge on the scanner is really stating to make me mad. Anyways, it's a TO City Lights card. Weird how the paragraph on the back isn't about the player but instead about the city. This card reminds me of an older set....hmmm...that's a possible topic for the future. In any which way, it's a small blue piece of Hanson's jersey so I'm happy!


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