Sunday, June 5, 2011

PACK RIP - 2010-11 Pinnacle (GU HIT!)

Well the title pretty much gives the entire post away. Yes, I bought one pack of Pinnacle. Yes, I got a GU hit! But of course there is a story that goes with it.

Today my sister had a friend over. Naturally they wanted to go to the mall. Naturally this brings two problems: 1) they needed someone to take them there, 2) they needed someone to essentially "babysit" them so they didn't do anything stupid. That's where I come in. But I wasn't gonna waste an hour of my time for nothing, and that's where the bribe comes in. I would do all these things for my sister only if she bought me a pack of cards. Deal! Plus, I called my buddy up and just hung out with him must of the time so it wasn't that bad (but I'd never tell my sister that).

So we headed down to Zellers and went to the card section. I saw packs of Pinnacle which I haven't gotten a hold of yet so I decided to go for that. It was priced at 5 bucks a pack which I knew was a bit pricey, but like I said before, I would never tell my sister that. I handed about 8 or so packs to my buddy and told him to pick the thickest of the bunch. He obviously made the right decision.


It's funny how pack work out. In the first card we see Alex Ovechkin hitting Tomas Plekanec. In the second card we see Tomas Plekanec trying to score a goal.

Again in the first card we see Hedman hitting Daniel Alfredsson. In the second we see Daniel Alfredsson celebrating. Neat how cards can be inner connected in a single pack.

Here are the rest of the base cards that have virtually no inner connection. Finally, we reach the climax of the pack. Enough of me rambling just take a look.

Sweet! This was a pretty fun one to pull. When you pull a hit from a single pack (especially from a low-med type set) it feels better because you know you beat the odds. The player ain't too bad either. I've always kinda liked Ryan Suter because I know his dad played on the 1980 USA "Miracle on Ice" team. "Miracle" is still to this day one of my favorite movies. Btw, this card is numbered out of /499.


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