Friday, June 10, 2011



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I WAS AT THE GAME!!! Yes, I actually was one of the 18,000+ fans to watch this game live from Rogers Arena. It was the most exciting, stressful, hairsplitting, exuberant, wonderfully loud and just overall amazing game I've ever been to! Probably the most important game my eyes will ever see live - forever.

In one word - INCREDIBLE!

That was a true hockey game. The Canucks got ripped BIG TIME on penalties. So many missed calls, yet so many confusing non-calls against. Mostly in the first two periods. There was a single goal in the entire game yet it was the best all around hockey game I've seen all season. That just goes to prove that high scoring games are not always better than low scoring (nudge --> Betman) The crowd was insane (to say the least) and the players were noticeably pumped to be back home. I even sat only 1 section away from Steve Nash (who is Manny Malhotra's brother-in-law)! What a battle between these two teams. It just so happens that Thomas got bit in the ass for coming out of his net so far that he couldn't recover to stop Maxy Lapierre's shot. But it was a hell of a game from BOTH teams. Of course, I love when the Nucks come out on top. But if it was for Bobby Lu, the big bad Bruins would have potted at least one.

Breath in, breathe out... more win...


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