Monday, June 6, 2011


Boston Bruin fans, you deserved the win. You out skated, out worked, out "hearted" us tonight. Canucks did not want it tonight. Oh ya, here's a statistic that might interest you. Ryan Kesler was minus three tonight. Last time he was minus three was against the San Jose Sharks in the 2007-08 home opener. If that doesn't show that Kes isn't healthy I don't know what does. 

"The Hit". Aaron Rome's hit was late. That was the only thing wrong with the hit. I hate the word blindside. It's such a touchy word. When your coach first teaches you to take a hit as a kid. Isn't rule number one - don't watch your pass. I mean, I love Claude Julien but a "blindside" is not what I would call it. Nathan knew he was in a danger area and instead of being aware of his surroundings he followed his pass. Saying that though, the hit was penalized because of the timing. I timed it a few times over with the magic of PVR, and in real time the hit took around 2.3 seconds after the pass. Elbow was low, so there's no beef there. He "left his feet" a.k.a got an inch of leverage. FYI, everybody jumps that one inch on any hit. Watch any slow mo and you'll see what I mean. Aaron Rome did not jump a ridiculous amount as to attack the head, he just needed to get one inch or else he would be the one falling on his butt. If he didn't, Hortons 1 inch and 20 pounds on Rome would take an opposite affect. Nevertheless, Rome WILL get suspended for 2 games. 

"The Bite? Again?". Yup, the heckling continues. I don't care if your a Canuck or Bruin. No more of this stuff. Shut it down, I hate seeing this immaturity on the ice. Claude knows what's up, and I don't think anyone will be trying that anymore.

"The Hit - Thomas Edition". Well ummmm...that was huge. As a Canuck fan - I hated it. As a hockey fan - I loved it. But I mostly hated it. So if goalies can hit skaters over anywhere, I say goalies can get hit outside there crease. Sucks for goalies, but that's the way it goes. 

"The Goal x8". Pumping 8 goals by any goalie would kill a goalies confidence. But I really hope the boys in the room tell him those weren't his fault. They left him out to dry near the end especially. Guys were going for the big hit to send a message. What they needed to do was shut it down and leave with 5 goals in the back and not 8. 

Well that's it for me. I give props to the Bruins, but I hope the Canucks come strong in game 4. 



  1. I loved when Sedin and Ference got mixed up in the third; both guys go in with arms up in the air and then Sedin drops to the ice holding his face like he got shot, only Ference never even came close to his face. Then as Ference is milling around, Sedin his puts him arms around his neck from behind. It's funny when Swedes try to get tough.

  2. Yup I'll tell you this much, Sedins are no tough guys. I don't want them to be either. Henrick ha shown me nothing to be impresses with this series and he needs to pick up to stop the Bruins momentum.

  3. Y'know, I always thought of the Canucks as a goofy and loveable Canadian team, what with those early uni's and all. But after watching these last three games, I realllllly dislike them.

    I think they chirp (a lot), dive (see also, Sedin, Henrik & Daniel), and are a bit on the dirty side (I'm looking at you, Mr. Burrows and Mr. Lapierre).

    Now, I know the B's can be rough and at times dirty, but they will gladly drop the mitts and settle whatever hash needs to be settled.

    This has the makings of being a truly memorable Cup (if it can go 6-7) because I think both teams truly hate each other. And I think both fan bases are starting to follow suit.

    I like you, though, Michael because you seem to be pretty rational and balanced; I only wish I could be the same.

    I was thinking last night about what 'Nucks cards I had and then remembered that I sent them all to you! If they do end up winning, I am going to need them all back ;) You can keep the Sedin auto, though.

  4. You know the B`s were in my top 5 fav team coming in. I loved Tim Thomas, and Lucic`s times in the Giants jersey made me like the Bruins. But of course, with ANY cup final teams and fans learn to hate each other. It`s inevitable.

    Although I see what you`re saying about the dirtiness, and chirping but that happens with EVERY team out there. There is not a single team that doesn`t have that influence. The Bruins have that too (e.g Marchand and Ferance).

    As for dropping the gloves, I do remember Hansen yelling at Marchand on the bench - why won`t you drop the gloves.

    But my main thought in this is. I don`t hate you, I just want my team to win. It`s funny but true.

    I also appreciate you saying that I am fairly rational because that`s something I`ve been working really hard since I`ve started this blog so it means a lot. I bleed blue, green, and white but if I was too biased people wouldn`t value the validity of my blog.

    I do of course know many of my readers are Boston fans (including yourself) and I know you guys are great and I love reading your thoughts so I need to respect that.

    All I can say is that this series got a hell of a lot more interesting! I just hope both teams could play there very best on game to truly get a huge clash. Games 1 and 2 the Bruins didn`t play up to their capabilities and game 3 the nucks sure as hell didn`t play up to theirs.

    All we can do is hope.

  5. See, I have to abstain from posting on my blog about the Cup because I can't rationally and objectively express myself; that is where you succeed!