Friday, June 17, 2011


Above is my father's ticket to game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup finals. After drowning in my tears from the loss two days ago, I've finally come to grips with reality. It's hard but it's something that has to be done.

Second, I'm still really heated about the rioting that went down in downtown Vancouver after the game. The countless cars flipped and lit on fire, lutting millions of dollars worth of products from stores, acts of extreme violence against other hockey fans and the police, and even the sad few cases of fatalities. I'm disgusted and I hope CNN and the morning shows that covered this riot know that this is not Vancouver's true colors. 

Now for the true reason I decided to post today. Canucks specials. As a regular readers of my blog would know, occasionally, as season ticket holders we receive special packages of sorts. Similar to many others it included posters, a renewal guide and a few other perks. This time it showcased the heritage of the Vancouver Canucks; including past teams leading up to the NHL, and players. This is what the package came in...

This is similar to the doors that separate to enter the Canucks newly remodeled dressing room.

This thick poster came with about 9 different folds with numerous pictures in kinda a sepia color scheme. Most pictures are pictures of the Canucks out of their armor. These are just two examples I though were cool. The big poster it folds out into is the players on the Canucks that played in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics (Luongo, Sedins, Demitra, Erhoff, and Salo).

The main theme of the package was the 22 jumbo card set portraying the history of Vancouver's hockey organization. 

Do remember the last time Vancouver won the cup? I don't either, but it is recorded that the Vancouver Millionaires won the Stanley Cup against the Ottawa Senators in a best of 5 series in 1915.

Most of these cards speak for themselves so I'm not gonna comment on them too much. I just wanted to share them with you guys. I will though bring out my favorite card of the bunch - Johnny Canuck. I believe Johnny should be our logo right now. He's a good Canadian lumberjack that shows toughness and passion.

This video below was introduced to me sometime around the beginning of the finals. It has given me such a surge of adrenaline whenever I watch it. Watching this video after we lost though, made me feel disheartened and broken...take a look.

Lastly, this is now my official 92nd post. In 8 more I will hit the big 100! That means I will introduce to you my first c4k contest. I've already thrown out this idea before. The idea is I'll give you a mask template of a "regular" blank modern/vintage hockey mask. Your part is to fill in the template with your personal design. Whatever team, mementos etc. you want. The deadline will be a month after my 100th post. I'll give you more details when the contest is released, for now it's just a shout out.


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