Sunday, January 15, 2012

C4KHODGSON - Expanding

I'm very happy to announce my first expansion website from this blog called C4KHODGSON. The name is a hybrid of the acronym for Collecting For Kicks (C4K) and of course the last name of my favourite player - Cody Hodgson. This site is dedicated to all the CoHo cards I collect.

I got this idea from fellow blogger and all around good guy Paul from Card Boarded. He did the same thing with his PC of Jimmy Howard awhile back, so I stole the idea (hope that's okay).

The website will contain scans of both sides of every Hodgson card I own. Soon I hope to make my collection grown into the triple digits, but for now it's unfortunately still in the singles.

The link is in that picture I have to the right (directly underneath the followers panel). Please take some time and take a look! Don't hesitate to give me some feedback either, what did you like, what I can improve on etc.

Thank you for giving me the support to expand. I try my best to interest my readers and hopefully this will give you an easier way to look deeper into my collection and for myself to keep track of my collection easier.


1 comment:

  1. Hey man thanks for the kind words and definitely not a problem "stealing" the idea ;) I wish more people would do it so the rest of the world can see some awesome player collections.

    By the way, the site is looking good so far.