Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Showcasing and Organizing

This past weekend I was thinking to myself, I said "Self, you should really find a better way to showcase your collection." There really is no more organizing possible for me to do, the OCD inside of me knows that. But when it comes to special places in my room for those special cards, I really have no particular area. Just so you can understand my situation take a look at how my collection is organized.

These boxes contain all my NON CANUCKS base, rookie, and insert cards. Higher end cards such as basically all my RC's and inserts are in penny sleeves. As you can see over the years my "Hockey Card" monster boxes have been scribbled on and kinda been reorganized. 

The box farthest back contains my oldest hockey cards and each box moving forward gets newer and newer with the closest being full with some fresh 2011-12 cards. I started labelling my boxes "Newest" on my third box and just had to roll with it, so in the sake of improv I just numbered them 1, 2, 3 etc. 

The bottom drawer of my dresser gets the privilege of holding my binders and tins. Honestly I'm surprised it hasn't collapse yet with all the weight. It's hard to see from the pic but there are six binders in that drawer. 

Four of those six contain all my CANUCKS SKATER cards (that means no goalies). I have everything from base, inserts, and rookies in those binders. All those cards are organized yearly with the top left hand corner of each "new year" page containing the number of season for the pages following. You following me? 

The fifth binder on the left side of the picture reads "The Goalie Project" obviously the title speaks for itself. That binder is full of all my CANUCKS GOALIE cards that go toward my goalie project. The top left hand corner of every "new goalie" page reads the name of the goalie for the pages following.

The final binder is part of two base sets that just got completed. I'll show you those some other time.

The seven or so tins in the back are all currently empty but they serve as very helpful emergency storage issues.

This is finally where it get's interesting. These two tins contain all my signed cards, game used cards and really low serialized numbered cards (they're currently not at full capacity as I have some cards on my dresser waiting to be scanned.) Basically this is "la creme de la creme". The tin on the left (the Canucks tin) ironically contains all my NON CANUCKS "hit" cards. The tin on the left (the Superman tin) contains all my CANUCKS "hit" cards. 

My problem is that the cards don't get much love stuck in these tins. Plus even though they are all stuck in top loaders, they are still loose and move around in there. So this is my real reason for this post, I need ideas:

- Where do you store/display your "hit" cards?
- Do you like the way I've organized my cards or do have a more effective way that you could suggest?
- How do you store your collection bulk? (Post a pic!)



  1. Here's something I came up with a few years ago. It was inexpensive and didn't take much skill.

  2. WOW! That's really cool! That may take some time, but I'm always up for a challenge.

  3. They sell frames like the one that Hackenbush has at Hobby Lobby, Target, or Michaels.

    Mine I just put in top loaders. I put the top loaders in team bags so they don't scratch and then I put them in two wide card boxes.

    i am a team collector and I sort by year then set. I keep them in 5 wide monster boxes until I get close to the whole team set. Once I get close I put them in binders. I up to around 20 binders. Some have only one year in them or some of them have multiple years. I got the binders cheap on craigslist form a lawyers office that was going out of business.

  4. Right now my "hit" cards (i.e. Howard, MVP, etc) are stored in a 4-wide monster box in my desk drawer, nothing is really on display at all. The rest of my stuff is in three-ring binders and three 5-wide monster boxes scattered around my place.

    This is a great topic for a post and I may have to "borrow" it for a post over on my blog if you don't mind ;) and show a little bit about how I store and organize my collection.

  5. I'd love to see a post on Card Boarded Paul! Nice to compare collections from different regions etc.