Saturday, January 14, 2012


As season ticket holders, the Canucks organization gives it's appreciative customers/fans a gift about twice a year. Once near the beginning and another after the season is over. Some years I've gotten some awesome stuff! Even Jumbo Cards in really nice outer packages, actually I got Jumbo Cards twice! I've gotten posters packaged in a classy embossed tin. Not to mention videos and hard cover books! This year though, it was different.

Of course any gift big or small is appreciated, but this year's felt (dare I say it) insincere, cheapened and overall not so special. I don't want to complain and sound like a spoiled brat, but for some reason this year's gift seems more business like.

Take a look at what I received:

Okay so you're probably thinking "Hey Michael that's not so bad! That's a 115 page magazine they gave you! Do you know how much paper costs these days young'en?" Yes this looks really cool from the outside, the season date, "Heart of a Canuck" slogan etc. But let's look closer...

Yes the bottom left hand cover of the title page has a price on it. That leads me to believe that for only $11.95 (+12% HST) this magazine can own to anybody, yes, anybody. Does that not beat the entire purpose of giving a "special gift" to your V.I.P season ticket holders? Maybe it get's better on the inside, but so far knowing the fact that just about anybody can own this magazine feels like they don't treat me as unique for paying thousands of dollars a year.

Wait a sec, ADS?? You decide to put full page ads in my season ticket holders package?! Actually the count total for full page ads from cover to cover was 41 pages out of the 114. That's crazy money they're making just off of ads! 

The magazine wasn't all that bad though, they did have a few very strong articles I enjoyed reading.

This article featured Manny Malhotra who suffered a severe eye injury last year and was even told he might never see out of one of his eyes again!

There were also two page write ups on all of the players on this years Canucks squad. Including my favourite player - Cody Hodgson!

Probably my favourite article was this one commemorating the death of Rick Rypien. He will be forever missed not only by his family but from Canucks fans worldwide.

The final page was full of stats called "By the Numbers", I'm a numbers guys so this one page write-up was a delight to read.

Overall, this magazine that could probably be purchased at a store near you kinda feels like a rip off. Maybe it's because I know the Canucks organization can put out some really cool stuff, and this just unfortunately wasn't one of them. They've given quality gifts out year in and year out and knowing that there was no personalization to season ticket holders at all makes me almost feel cheapened.

What do you think? Am I being way too picky or do you see my point comparing it to past gifts I've gotten from the Canucks? Drop me a comment and until next time...


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