Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today I came home to a great gift from the Canucks organization. To most people this might not be something huge, maybe not even "blog" worthy, but I'm a pretty sentimental guy when it comes to this stuff. Like I've said before the Canucks always hand out a few gifts and goodies a couple times every season to their dedicated season ticket holders. Each and every year, the goody get's more modernized and even cooler in my opinion. Here's what the outer encasing looked like:

Very nice imprinted Canucks logo in the outer casing. On the inside was a few different items. First we have a poster, and not the kind that you buy at Walmart to put behind your door. No, this guy is staying perfectly preserved back in the case...

(Left to Right) Orland Kurtenbach, Stan Smyl, Trevor Linden, Markus Naslund, and Henrick Sedin 

A double sided poster with Canucks captains on one side...

Markus Naslund's jersey retirement poster on the other side. Behind the poster was a couple booklets...

One booklet is a registration guide for the play-offs and next season. The other is a booklet with photography stressing key points this season. Theses booklets were encased in a sort of brochure like thing with a quote from our current captain saying:

"The way our crowd cheers, it means a lot to us. When you need a little push, it's really gonna help you"
                                                                                                              - Henrick Sedin

Very kind words from our captain. Here are some pics of what was inside one of the booklets...

First game of the season (which I attended). The game ended in a shootout loss though, probably the best dressed night in the NHL. The good old blue, green and white out of the Canucks; and the good old purple and yellow from the Kings. Both sweaters only had numbers on the back which is pretty cool too! Also old Canuck colour commentator Tommy Larscheid's final game.

Nazzy's retirement.

The great fans of Vancouver (if I do say so myself) giving thanks to Markus for his years of commitment!

Overall it's a simple, kind gesture that guys like me love. I have a basket that has all my gifts from the Canucks along with my towels, pucks etc. It's starting to get a little crowded, but hey, I'm not complaining. I thank the people that put the time out to make these things for the fans. You have given out some great things like videos, cards, books etc. that really mean a lot to me. I'll carefully preserve these items and hopefully pass them along to future generations!



  1. Congrats, that seems pretty cool! It is nice the organization does that for fans!

  2. thats a very nice piece foryour canucks collection!