Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Time to take another look at some more great photography from a couple great sets. I did get a request from one of my bloggers to get some close in looks at some goalie masks from the early 90's. Of course, I wouldn't want to disappoint my readers so without further a due...

Well it's not a huge close up but it does show a trend from the early 90's. Notice how almost everyones masks matched their jerseys AND their pads. For Casey it was North Star green all over. Masks were never super out of the box, but they did have the makings of a solid mask. 

Now we are going to skip ahead a year to the 1992-93 UD set where we can take a quick look at Patrick Roy's old bucket. It's a pretty familiar mask to most hockey fans and it continues on with the same sort of principle I've been talking about. There was no monkey business about mixing colors that weren't on your jersey. Maybe Luongo needs to take a page out of this book.

What the heck are you thinking Lui. You are my favorite player on the Canucks right now but you need to improve your style. There is zero brown on any of the Canucks equipment so why would you use it as your base color?

Anyways back to the cards. The Roy card doesn't just have a neat picture on the back, but the front might just be the best picture in the entire set. Look for yourself...

You don't see that happen much! Great athleticism from Roy, that's top notch!

I call this picture the illusion of photography. It looks like the puck is gonna hit Kasatonov right in th beak, but it doesn't - oooooooooo, ahhhhhhhhh!

This one made me laugh when I saw it. This looks exactly like Pat is doing the Soulja Boy's "Crank That" dance. "Now watch my yoaaaaaaaaaaa (crank that soulja)"

"Hey bud! Guess what? I won the Stanley Cup! HIGH FIVE!!!"

As I brought out in my last Cardboard Captions post, the celebration photography is a lost treasure. This is no exception. We see Danton Cole just scored and from the pile of Kings players behind him, it did not look easy. You deserve to celebrate. Here's some more of Danton's ummmm....hard work? On that note, we will end this Cardboard Captions off. 


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