Friday, March 18, 2011


With concussions and headshots being a touchy subject in the NHL right now, was Alex Burrows subject of a wrong hit, wrong time sorta thing?

All I can say is this hit doesn't deserve 5mins and a game. Too bad the reffs had to decide the contest.

Was Burrows skating through the guy to hit him - NO
Was Burrows throwing a cross check directly through Fidler's head - NO
It also didn't help that Vernon was bending down and his head was level with the boards either. This call didn't deserve 5 nor did it earn a misconduct, it was a harmless play. If you want to give the guy a minor penalty, go for it, but don't over do it.

My question is will the referee's get an assist on both goals Phoenix scored on that powerplay? Might as well because that's the only reason why the Canucks got their 7 game winning streak snapped tonight.

I think Alain Vigneault said it best when he said: "This is bull****." Like music to my ears. I'm supremely pissed right now and extremely frustrated. But as always, I view this hit through my tinted blue, green, and white glasses. What do you guys think?



  1. I agree with you, I'm all for protecting the players but this is going too far in the opposite direction. Assigning a 5 minute major for that hit at that point in a tie game is just ridiculous.

  2. Maybe it's just me, but when I look at that replay, I see where Burrows' hands are - right on the numbers.

    I don't think it's was a 'head' issue, it was a 'checking from behind' issue.

    If Fiddler would have gone head first into the boards and been carried off on a stretcher, a 5-min major would have been the least of Alex's concerns. In all honesty, Alex was lucky (as a lot of players are who issue head shots and checks from behind - it seems that it's only a big issue when the player is severely injured. It shouldn't be that way).

    I have no problem with the call, it's a reckless play on Burrows' part.

    Did he slam him into the boards - no. But the force of the hit shouldn't dictate the legality of the hit.

    The time of the game that this penalty is assessed should not make a difference. Head shots and hits from behind especially should not be tolerated - ever.


  3. Like I said though, Burrows head was turned to the left looking at the play and Fidler's body was already crouched down for some odd reason??

    Wasn't on purpose in my mind,that's why they should assess the injury and give him a 2 minute penalty.

  4. While it might not have been on purpose, any hit from behind should not be tolerated.

    I'm never a big fan of assessing a penalty based on the severity of an injury. It should be on the action, not the result.