Saturday, March 5, 2011

BLASTER BOX BREAK - 2010-11 Donruss

I've only bought one pack of Donruss so far this year and was pleasantly surprised by the product when I had it in my hand. Card stock was fairly thick for base cards and all cards had a nice gloss to it. I enjoy Panini's Score product for design better than Donruss, but I thought why not try a blaster. It was on sale for 16 bucks at London Drugs. Panini is really growing on me, and with the Luxury Suite set coming out in June I'm completely stoked! 50 buck for 3 cards, but all cards will be either autographs, jersey cards, or rookie cards. No base to mess around with! Without further a due...

The biggest superstar I pulled was Alex Ovechkin. Let's hope he can play dynamite down the stretch for the Caps. Even though I'm a Canadian boy, I'm a bigger Ovie fan than Crosby. I know, it's a sin!

I pulled four key rookies from last season. The two Buffalo rookies are Ennis and Myers, and the others are Couture and Hedman. My favorite of the bunch has to number 57 - 6 foot 8 inches - Tyler Myers.

I got two rated rookies, none of them huge names. Justin Faulk and Philip Larsen. 

Three Canucks in the entire Blaster. As I'm watching the Canucks and Kings game on TV all I can say is Kesler and Burrows are going back to their 3rd line grinder days; it's quite the chippy match. This is also my first Hamhuis card where he is wearing the blue, green and white.

My inserts include one "Ultimate Draft" card of Coburn. I actually don't mind the look of these cards. It looks a little futuristic and dare I say it a bit McDonalds-ish. The cards look organized and proportioned. 

A tough times insert rounds out the last of my two inserts. Tough times is a beauty insert and that's all that needs to be said.

Like I mentioned earlier, this has been a nice relaxing Saturday and now I'm watching my Canucks battling it out against the Kings. We better get our stuff together or else come play-offs we won't have momentum. Our powerplay has slipped and although we had 4 powerplays in the first we haven't capitalized on any of them. Hopefully the "slumping" Sedin's can shake their 3 game no point streak. 

As for my future posts, I had planned on throwing out a few Goalie Project posts today but decided to get the blaster box out of the way. I have many different Canucks goalie cards to post so it will take time to get ALL my cards recorded. 

Here's my 2010-11 Donruss totals after the blaster and the single pack I bought a while back:

BASE: 87 (2 rated rookies) (3 Canucks)
TOTAL: 90 (3 Canucks)


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