Tuesday, March 15, 2011

THE GOALIE PROJECT - Alex Auld (Part 1)

It is seems almost impossible to follow the career of Alex Auld as he has jumped from conference to conference and from team to team. In 10 NHL seasons, Auld has managed to play for 7 different NHL teams. Thankfully over the past few years I've picked up quite a large repertoire of Auld cards and can say I successfully have completed his part in my project. Let's take a look at my only Alex Auld card NOT in a Canucks jersey:

After being drafted by the Florida in 1999, Alex did not play a game in a Panthers uniform UNTIL "the trade". Yes, the trade that has brought the Vancouver Canucks to their present state of success. The Bertuzzi, Auld, and Allen for Luongo, Kraijeck, and a 6th rounder. I have no clue how Nonis pulled that one off!

Like I said before, a big variety of Auld cards. I have more than doubles of most of these cards, specifically 8 times the Hot Prospects card in the bottom left hand corner of the scan above.

I have 4 Auld rookie cards to write about, one of them being a Topps Chrome Draft Picks card. One thing I like about having a variety of past years of goalies is looking at how their pads and masks have changed. I don't mind the black and white pads against the old Canucks jersey, it looks kinda cool.

Here's where I stand after this bunch:


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