Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TOP 60 Cards (Part 8) - #25-16 + Winter Classic Thoughts

I've decided to do 10 cards today instead of the regular 5 and you'll see why in a moment. Before we get to the cards, I just wanted to put my 2 cents in on the NHL's version of the Super Bowl. First of all, let me be the first to say I love the Winter Classic. Great for the fans, popularity in the USA, and I think (most) NHL players really enjoy it. But my question is if the organizations that are involved in the WC love what comes along with it - the cameras.

HBO 24/7 stuck with the Flyers and Rangers for an entire month leading up to the WC, do you think this should/will be cancelled next year? I hope not, but I think it unfortunately will be. The in-depth "no limits" coverage HBO claims obviously does have limits, but I believe it does slightly affect the jobs of the coaches and even lets the players a little further off their leash.

Consider Ilya Bryzgalov. Ilya was played up to be the biggest player on Philly's team and the backbone  of their success. Obviously their was a little BS mixed into HBO's vision. After playing horrifically the 4 games leading up to the WC, Ilya benched himself without the coaches permission saying he would be "sitting with a thermos of tea on the sidelines" in a press conference and tweeted it also. Could this just be a part of Ilya's regular goofy and kind of oddball type personality? Or perhaps is this the extra confidence HBO gives players to throw shots at coaches without super heavy consequences around the cameras? CBC's commentators are the ones that brought this to my attention. But they make a good point (for once), will Peter Lavioloette deal with Ilya after the cameras are well and gone or is this all being blown well out of proportion?

I could see HBO kind of being like the Presidents trophy. If you have HBO in your locker room for a month you won't win the Stanley Cup. Let's see how long this might go on until this becomes a superstition.

Did you enjoy the Winter Classic? What did you think about Jagr Ruppers celebration? Did the best team on the ice win? Would you want your favourite team in the Winter Classic and or HBO's 24/7 series?

Now let's finally get to the cards:

#25 - 1991-92 UD Lafleur's Farewell (#219)

Guy Lafleur is one of those players that I never got to watch live but have seen played over and over again in documentaries and highlight reals. He's always had a special place in my collection and I even remember bringing this card for show and tell in kindergarten. I'm in the french immersion program so all my teachers growing up in elementary school have been crazy Montreal Canadian fans (and some Nordiques also).

#24 - 1993-94 UD Chris Pronger (#190)

Also kind of a childhood memory card. Pronger has been a household name throughout my entire life and this is the closest thing to his RC I have. Actually I'll have to check my Beckett but it might be consider a rookie after all.

#23 - 1993-94 Pinnacle Markus Naslund RC (#449)

Now this is the definition of a card from my childhood. As it is probably evident, this card was passed around constantly in the playground and somehow it ended up in my collection last. Yup, that's right Nazzy's RC. Not worth more than a buck monetarily, but as a kid it was worth the world.

#22 - 1992-93 Dominik Hasek "Rookie Report" (#366)

The card's from the 90's keep rolling with another "kind of" RC. Dominik Hasek was probably one of the most exciting goaltending to watch as a little boy. Only wish I could remember more of his spectacular saves and not have to watch them over on YouTube.

#21 - 1991-92 Pavel Bure RC (#54)

The Russian Rocket! Possibly the most exciting player to ever wear a Canucks jersey. This infamous card has always made me chuckle but what an amazing time it would be to see Bure play in an Alumni Winter Classic game (NHL make it happen)! 

#20 - 2010-11 ITG BTP Martin Brodeur "Golden Goalies - Black" /80 (#GG-05)

This is why I've decided to do a 10 card "Top 60" instead of 5. This card rounds out in my top 20 but it will soon be shipped off in a trade. I'm sad to see it go but at the same time I'm happy it's going to a very passionate Devils fan!

#19 - 2002 ITG Daniel Sedin "Signature Series" (#72)

This is a card I received in a prize pack from Casey over at Drop the Gloves. This was my very first Hank AUTO so it was an easy pick at #19. Thanks Casey!

#18 - 1984-85 OPC Murray Bannerman (#32)

One of the best masks in hockey. Nuff said.

#17 - 1975-76 Topps Gary Smith (#115)

Gary "Suitcase" Smith was the first Canucks goalie to become a household name in Vancouver. From the afro to the pads this card reads vintage all over it. Plus I've always liked how goalies wrapped there stick back in the day.

#16 - 2010-11 Score Bobby Butler AUTO (#527)

Card #16 on my list comes from a man currently wearing #16 on the Ottawa Senators. In 29 games this season, Bobby has 7 points and huge potential. Ottawa is currently sitting in 6th place (for now). He doesn't have the greatest signature but this is definitely a card I'm hanging onto for the next few years!

16. 2010-11 Score Bobby Butler AUTO
17. 1975-76 Topps Gary Smith 
18. 1984-95 OPC Murray Bannerman
19. 2002 ITG "Signature Series" Daniel Sedin
20. 2010-11 BTP "Golden Goalies - Black" Martin Brodeur /80
21. 1991-92 Pavel Bure RC
22. 1992-93 "Rookie Report" Dominik Hasek
23. 1993-94 Pinnacle Markus Naslund RC
24. 1993-94 UD Chris Pronger
25. 1991-92 UD Lafleur's Farewell
26. Gilbert Perreault AUTO
27. 2007-08 "Ultra Uniformity" Daniel Sedin
28. 2010-11 Score "SSP Hot Rookies" Tyler Seguin
29. 2010-11 BTP "GU Jersey - Silver" Jordan Binnington /30
30. 1992-93 UD Scott Niedermayer RC (x2)
31. 1998-99 Black Diamond Mattius Ohlund RC /1000
32. 2005-06 UD Todd Bertuzzi 
33. 1992-93 UD Patrick Roy
34. 1992-93 UD Mario Lemieux "Conn Smythe"
35. 1991-92 UD Ed Belfour "ART"
36. 1994-95 Pinnacle "World Juniors" Dan Cloutier
37. 1996-97 Metal Universe Alex Mogilny
38. 2009-10 Ultimate Collection Henrik Zetterberg /499
39. 2010-11 Score "Snow Globe" Alex Ovechkin
40. 2010-11 Score "Hot Rookies" P.K Subban
41. 2010-11 Score "Hot Rookies" Nazem Kadri 
42. 1992-93 UD "Bloodlines" Trevor & Jamie Linden
43. 1992-93 UD "Profiles" Doug Gilmoure
44. 1991-92 UD John Tanner
45. 2003-04 Pacific McDonalds "Saturday NIght Rivals" Lalime / Belfour
46. 2002-03 Pacific McDonalds "Net-Fusions" Dominik Hasek
47. 2003-04 Canucks Fin Postcard (SIGNED)
48. 1992-93 "Profiles" Darius Kasperaitis
49. 1992-93 "Profiles" Alexei Kovalev
50. 1993-94 UD Kirk Muller
51. 2006-07 BAP RC AUTO Patrick O'Sullivan /10
52. 1990-91 Score Jan Erixon
53. 2007-08 UD McDonalds "In the Crease" Ryan Miller
54. 1994-95 Pinnacle Sylvain Turgeon (ft. Patrick Kane)
55. 2002-03 Pacific McDonalds "Net-Fusions" Evgeni Nabokov
56. 1994-95 Pinnacle Doug Lidster
57. 1990-91 Score / 1995-96 Topps - Oilers / Devils Stanley Cup
58. 1992-93 UD Jim Hrivnak
59. 1990-91 Topps Grant Fuhr
60. 1990-91 Bowman Daren Puppa



  1. One of the shittiest things about hockey cards in the 1990s was that the manufactures were labeling cards as rookies even if they had cards in prior years. It was like they were trying to trick buyers. Players would have a rookie card years before ever playing in the NHL. Peter Forsberg had 4 cards before ever playing a NHL game.
    Pavel Bure rookie is actually his 90-91 Upper Deck, when he was playing for the USSR. Naslund has a 92-93 UD while playing for Sweden. Pronger has a 92-93 UD card while with Team Canada at the WJC. Good news is that they could likely be found in the quarter bin.

  2. See this is what bugs me...just when I think I got the RC's from the 90's down...I don't :(