Saturday, May 19, 2012


I guess you could call this my first official show and tell Dan Cloutier PC post. One recent pick up brings the most diverse GU Memorabilia card in my entire collection. As you might have guessed this card includes a piece of Clout's stick!

The card comes from ITG's Between the Pipes set which is my favourite modern product from the last 10 years. But what makes this card even better compared to BTP of today is that they use to have an NHL license, so this card comes from past years (2001-02 to be exact).

WOW! This card is awesome! I now feel I have a legitimate Dan Cloutier PC happening and this card gets me excited to see what else is out there! There are so many great Cloutier GU cards out there for dirt cheap (compared to other players) and this card has just wet my appetite! Including some brand spanking new 2011-12 Between the Pipes (nice pick ITG)!

As you can see though, the stick is a little crooked. I don't know why and when I saw it in the scan on eBay I thought it was a matter of careful adjustment, but unfortunately, it's glued on pretty good so that thing ain't moving! I like how the stick still has a couple of colours on it and the jersey piece is a nice silver textured piece.

This card books for about 25 bucks in tip top shape so for 10 dollars shipped I was a happy camper! Truly an awesome piece to add to the "hits" portion of my Dan Cloutier PC. 

But that is only one of the four "hits" I received of Dan Cloutier from eBay, along with a boatload of neat base, parallels, inserts and rookies! Stay tuned for those posts coming soon!

C4K CLOUTIER : 36 Cards



  1. I have a Dan Cloutier 06-07 jersey card. Do u want to swap for thr Rick Macliesh auto

    1. I do not have the Macliesh auto anymore