Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TRADE #7 - Beware a Huge Hockey Card Trade

Back when I was in Hawaii (which feels like an eternity ago) a random reader of my blog who I had never been in contact with e-mailed me. He was requesting a trade for some of my new cards I had pulled from Crown Royale. At first, I was a bit weary, like anybody would be. But as we e-mailed back and forth I got to know him and his personality and genuinely knew that he was a good guy and a legit trader.

After a couple weeks of negotiating the trade that involved only a couple cards at the beginning expanded into a pretty big lot of cards going each way. If you haven't seen Kyle's breakdown of the trade yet, I'll show you how it went down:

To Kyle:
2011-12 Crown Royale "Calder Collection" Gabriel Landeskog RC
2011-12 Crown Royale "Heirs To The Throne" Jake Gardiner GU/AUTO
2010-11 Pinnacle "Threads" Ryan Suter GU
2011-12 Upper Deck Series 1 UD "Game Jersey" Miikka Kiprusoff GU
2010-11 Between The Pipes "Stars Of The Game" Nikolai Khabibulin AUTO
Surprise AUTO (2006-07 BAP Signatures Ryan Malone)

To Me:
1990-91 OPC Central Red Army Sergei Fedorov RC
2011-12 Score First Goal Linus Omark
2005-06 MVP Dan Cloutier GU
Roenick TTM AUTO
Selanne TTM AUTO
Luongo IP AUTO
2008-09 Collectors Choice "Quest for the Cup" Roberto Luongo

So that's a deal that includes 5 AUTO's, 3 GU and 1 GU/AUTO not to mention valuable RC's along with some nice inserts and base galore. Now that's what I call a trade!

Let's take a quick glance as at some of the extras:

A few Pinnacle base of my Vancouver Canucks to get us up and running. This was my first taste of this years Pinnacle product, I guess it didn't implement a very strong impression on my from last year.

Next is the "Quest for the Cup" Luongo parallel, which I have never seen before and a neat insert of Linus Omark from this years score. In fact this very card will be used in my next blogpost of "Insert Ideas" (stay tuned for that).

These are some pretty awesome extras Kyle threw in. Actually the bottom left card is the Federov RC he promised me and it's looking like it's in decent shape. This gives me some more Goalie Project material, thanks Kyle!

Now onto some AUTO's! This first one was sent as a thank you for sending Kyle an extra bubble mailer cause he didn't have anymore laying around. No problem Kyle, and thanks for the extra TTM!

Next up is the second most nutcase commentator in professional hockey - Mr. Glenn Healy everybody. Behind Pierre Mcguire (formerly on TSN), Healy must say the most stupid things on HNIC. But at least he keeps things interesting. Of course, I mean no disrespect to Glenn, he made a solid name for himself in net as a pro goalie in the NHL.

WOWZA! Jeremy Roenick, who would've thunk it. A nice AUTO from Jeremy who is a true household name and legend! Nuff said!

Sweet a sig of #1 Roberto Luongo! Kyle says this was an IP AUTO, so that makes it even cooler (for him at least). Hard to believe though that the starting goalie of my Nucks isn't my favourite card I received. GASP! Who could it be?

NICE! What an awesome signature from a truly incredible and classy hockey player! The blue ink is a bit smudged but who cares, this card is fantastic! Teemu and I have had an encounter at a Canucks game once. Not only that, but other stories I have heard of him make him one of the classiest in the NHL. Truly an incredible signature to have!

The last AUTO I received was a mystery before it arrived. We decided to also add a one for one certified AUTO trade. I gave him this Ryan Malone AUTO, and he gave me this:

I apologize for the tilted scan but as you can still blatantly see, this is a sticker AUTO of May Ray. Who knows how long he'll be on the Canucks? But for now, this card will remained another cherished Canucks AUTO.

Last but certainly not least is this long awaited addition to my Dan Cloutier PC. I made a couple HUGE purchases and I mean really cool purchases toward this PC in these past weeks and can't wait to share the goods. 

This card has been on the radar for a while and being a pretty easy card to get your hands on I didn't want to get a copy on eBay for 3 bucks so I waited it out and got this card basically for free through trade. 

So that's it folks, thanks for taking a look at my cool new cardboard and if you want to see more of my Cloutier collection click on the link below:


And as for the Goalie Project here is where I'm at with the cards I showed you guys:

Alex Auld - 3/3 COMPLETE! 27 TOTAL
Murray Bannerman - 1/3 COMPLETE! 1 TOTAL
Martin Brochu - 3/3 COMPLETE! 4 TOTAL
Richard Brodeur - 1/3 COMPLETE! 16 TOTAL (1 JERSEY, 1 EVENT-USED, 1 AUTO)
Gary Bromley
Bruce Bullock
Sean Burke - 2/3 COMPLETE! 21 TOTAL
Frank Caprice
Jacques Caron
Dan Cloutier - 3/3 COMPLETE! 35 TOTAL (2 JERSEY, 2 AUTO's)
Ed Dyck
Ken Ellacott
Bob Essensa - 3/3 COMPLETE! 14 TOTAL
Mike Fountain - 3/3 COMPLETE! 11 TOTAL
Troy Gamble - 2/2 COMPLETE! 21 TOTAL
George Gardner 2/3 COMPLETE! 2 TOTAL
John Garrett - 2/3 COMPLETE! 3 TOTAL
Glen Hanlon - 1/3 COMPLETE! 6 TOTAL
Johan Hedberg - 3/3 COMPLETE! 7 TOTAL
Rick Heinz
Corey Hirsch - 1/3 COMPLETE! 2 TOTAL (1 AUTO)
Charlie Hodge - 2/2 COMPLETE! 3 TOTAL
Arturs Irbe - 1/3 COMPLETE! 3 TOTAL
Jason LaBarbera - 2/3 COMPLETE! 4 TOTAL
Ken Lockett
Roberto Luongo - 3/3 COMPLETE! 62 TOTAL (2 JERSEY)
Drew MacIntyre - 1/3 COMPLETE! 1 TOTAL
Cesare Maniago - 1/3 COMPLETE! 3 TOTAL
Bob Mason - 1/3 COMPLETE! 1 TOTAL
Dave McClelland
Steve McKichan
Kirk McLean - 2/3 COMPLETE! 153 TOTAL (1 AUTO)
Rob McVicar - 1/1 COMPLETE! 1 TOTAL
Alfie Michaud - 1/1 COMPLETE! 7 TOTAL
Tyler Moss
Mika Noronen - 3/3 COMPLETE! 6 TOTAL
Maxime Ouellet - 1/3 COMPLETE! 1 TOTAL
FĂ©lix Potvin - 3/3 COMPLETE! 32 TOTAL (1 AUTO)
Andrew Raycroft - 1/3 COMPLETE! 7 TOTAL
Curt Ridley - 2/3 COMPLETE! 2 TOTAL
Dany Sabourin - 2/3 COMPLETE! 2 TOTAL
Curtis Sanford - 3/3 COMPLETE! 7 TOTAL
Cory Schneider - 1/2 COMPLETE! 12 TOTAL (2 JERSEY)
Corey Schwab - 1/3 COMPLETE! 1 TOTAL
Petr Skudra - 3/3 COMPLETE! 4 TOTAL
Gary Smith - 1/3 COMPLETE! 1 TOTAL
Garth Snow - 2/3 COMPLETE! 2 TOTAL (1 AUTO)
Kevin Weekes - 2/3 COMPLETE! 2 TOTAL
Steve Weeks - 1/3 COMPLETE! 1 TOTAL
Kay Whitmore - 2/3 COMPLETE! 2 TOTAL
Dunc Wilson - 1/3 COMPLETE! 2 TOTAL
Wendell Young - 1/3 COMPLETE! 2 TOTAL 



  1. I totally forgot that Snepsts played for the Blues near the end...

    1. I didn't know that he played for them at all. I forgot to mention that in the post actually so thanks fro bringing that up!