Sunday, May 27, 2012

PACK RIP - 2011-12 Between the Pipes (An AUTO from the 70's)

It's hard to believe its been a week already, I have a enormous video project due for my Francais 12 class and I am positive it will be the death of me! Anyways, a couple weeks back I picked up a pack of this years rendition of BTP.

When the store clerk picked one pack out for me from the 2/3 filled box of cards I was really hoping for a GU card or an AUTO and if not that, than an insert or one of the few Dan Cloutier cards there are in this years product.

I ended up coming out with a pretty nice AUTO but, before we take a look at that, let's see the variety of base I pulled:

Each of these six cards come from a different subset in the base (Expansion Tandems, Stars of the Game, Future Stars, 70's, 80's, 90's) so it looks like I'm missing just three subsets (00's, La Belle Province and Stars and Stripes). 

My luck that day got me one nice looking AUTO from the 70's, take a look...

One word. Classy. Now that's how you sign a hockey card! Gilles is more recognized for his time in Boston but he also played a couple decent years with Detroit. Everything about that signature is proper and well done. Good on ya Gilles! Thanks for giving me hope for some of these younger hockey players to improve their signatures.

On another note, I was down in the States yesterday and a quick stop at Target and a 20 dollar bill got me this bad boy:

It's a hockey value cube! To the left is a small box of the "Rookies and Traded" update set of Score and to the right are four packs of cards along with a bunch of valueless base to bring the total of cards to 175. The cube promises two AUTO's so keep a watch around here to see what I got!



  1. The cube promises an auto. I opend one of those and got no auto. But i did hit a 97-98 be a player die cut auto of Adam Graves. Good luck with u break

  2. Nice card! Gilbert was a pretty good goalie. That's a North Stars uni he's in.

  3. Very nice autograph! Nice to land a hit like that from one pack. Good luck on your cube break.

  4. One of the nicest autos in the game. Love it!

    Great stuff.

  5. The Score Traded set should come with an autographed card. If it is not sealed in shrinkwrap, then the company "stripped out" the autograph, which sucks.

  6. I dont recall my box being in shrinkwrap, It sucks that they took out my auto