Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DAN CLOUTIER PC - 70 Card Lot (Part 2)

After a heartbreaking loss to Spain in PK's today I pour out my heart through the form of blogging. This isn't an easy one to type...

Awhile back I started a small feature that showcases a lot of Dan Cloutier cards I purchased on eBay. Today I'll show off two full pages as well one of the three hits that came along with it.

Again the word on this lot is diversity. There is a wide variety of sets, pictures and colours which really makes these sheets fun to look at. My favourite of these nine have to be the upper left corner card from the "Parkhurst Retro" set which I had never heard about before acquiring this card.

What I find particularly cool is the back of the Parkhurst Retro card. It's completely blank, a little different compared to your normal "Retro" designs. Usually the theme will be consistent on the front but won't flow so well when you take a look at the back. But this card stays true to its heritage and I appreciate that greatly.

Again different teams, colours, sets are all involved here. What I find particularly intriguing are the two cards on the upper right hand corner. The card in the middle is the regular base card from the set but the card on the right is just one of 8 parallels from that set. All with different funky patterns and colours this parallel hunt should be a fun one.

I saw how Brett over at "My Hockey Card Obsession" also put together that entire parallel set and when put side by side in a 9 pocket holder they look pretty cool!

As for the second of the three Dan Cloutier hits...

A pretty basic design for the Signature Series. I do have the same AUTO from a year before so that's kinda nice, I'm creating sort of a lineage of these AUTO's. I really like the close up on Clouts face and his old bucket mask. 

Here's a link to PART 1 of this 70 card lot and as always look at all these cards individually as well as my progress with this PC at C4K CLOUTIER.

Now I think it's time to sleep off my sorrows from the earlier loss today...I'm still a proud Portuguese!


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  1. Wow, middle of the second sheet, Victory: I'd never seen the white version of the Rangers' Liberty jersey!