Sunday, June 24, 2012

HOCKEY CUBE: 2010-11 Score Rookies and Traded Blaster Box Break

It has definitely been a while since I've gotten to talk about hockey cards or even think about hockey cards. I must have caught the "lull" cold that was breaking out all over the blog-o-sphere. But hey, I'm back and have tons of stuff to talk about when it comes to the old hobby.

The smell of cardboard has hit my nose again and with pay checks finally coming my way again in the summer, some new purchases are expected to be coming too.

Anyways, this hockey cube I picked up about a month or so back yielded some alright results considering the price. I'll start off with the biggest of the lot and that would be the factory sealed blaster box of "Score Rookies and Traded" that was included in the cube.

I got the regular results when it came to the set. I picked up cards 560-658 from the set and I believe that must be a complete set excluding SP's and SSP's. If someone could clarify that for me that would be great.

But I was very happily surprised about what gold parallel's I was able to pull:

So far they're all pretty common and unexciting but I think the card that comes next might have been a nice little pull...

Taylor Hall was the number one pick of the 2010-11 season and this would be the gold parallel of that. I'm not sure if this is anymore rare than any of the other gold parallel cards, but it's still cool to have. Anybody know if this is a big deal or not? It would be much appreciated to know the answer!

The big AUTO hit was again...decent...I guess...

Matt Calvert is a familiar name although not super popular among the rookie class. He put up some decent numbers in his rookie season although he didn't put up great numbers this year. Still a card I'm looking to hold onto and yet another rookie to add to the list!

Probably the most disappointing of the whole box is that there isn't a single Vancouver Canuck in the entire set! Not one in the 105 cards! So that kinda angered me... But oh well, there is still lots of packs left. Look for them in the near future as well as news on my recent Dan Coutier pick-ups!



  1. Definitely a sleeper rookie auto! The Hall is a nice bonus because it is only in 1 out of 20 boxes....Book value alone covers your box!

  2. Thanks for the info Dave. Nice knowing the Hall is a harder pull and like I said I really like the AUTO considering some of the garbage players in the set...