Tuesday, June 5, 2012

UPDATES: Blogging, Movie Making, Play On! and EURO 2012

Wow these past few weeks have been insane busy and I mean absolutely NO free time. Between filming my movie project for French 12, editing, getting my "N" drivers license, organizing my hockey team for this weekend and soccer my life is running on 6 hours a sleep and running off fumes.

I have about a dozen blog posts to shoot out but I really have had no time to sit at the scanner/computer and get them done. In fact, this blogging I'm doing right now is a breath of fresh air. Brian and Sal sent me a couple of nice packages and I wanna get to them in the upcoming week. Plus a whole hell of a lot of Cloutier cards and not to mention a bunch of pack breaks from that hockey cube break.

Speaking of my movie, like I said it's for my French 12 class. I'm taking this grade 12 course early (I'm actually in grade 11) to be finished with the French Immersion program early (which I recommend to any kids starting out in school)! Anyways it's about a 15 minute movie project that we've been shooting for about a month! I've had a past student helping me out and we are going to surprise my teacher with his guest appearance in the film. Here's a couple of really nice still shots we got from shooting the other day:

The ex-student is the guy in the green shirt and my other buddy is in the black zip-up. Some really nice shots if you ask me. I'm kinda a photography nerd so maybe that's just me. Look at the background in that first shot though, gotta love beautiful BC! If you guys are interested in watching it (and speak french) let me know and I'll shoot out the link on YouTube.

Another exciting thing coming up this weekend is the biggest Canada wide ball hockey tournament!

This is my second year captaining a hockey team for Play On! We definitely learned a lot from last year. We had only 5 players out of a possible 7 and those 2 less guys really hurt us. But this year we have a very strong squad and I'll be sure to let you guys know how far we get into the play-offs this year. Our name this year is "4th Line Grind". Have any of you guys in Canada done this tourney? Any in the US ever participate in anything like this?

That's a shot of yours truly last year at the tournament, as you can see the "arena" we played in was on the top of a mall. Truly a Canadian way to play road hockey! Oh and that nice pink circle on my arm is my proud war mark from blocking a shot (always glad to get in the way of one). Can't wait for the tourney, it's gonna be tons of fun. 

Speaking of this weekend, EURO 2012 starts this friday and my home country (Portugal) are stuck in the "group of death" as they say... Their first game is Saturday and I'm unfortunately gonna have to run into the mall we are playing on top of to catch the game between our games.

Do any of you guys watch soccer, have a specific club you support? What team will you be rooting for in the EURO's? Just for kicks here's a quick pic of the Portugal jersey's I have in my closet (the ones that fit me at least).

I probably have 25+ more soccer jersey's from my youth to now. Practice jerseys, club jerseys, goalie jerseys and my own personal jerseys.

Anyways, there's a quick update. If you found anything about my life interesting I guess I've succeeded. Have a great weekend guys!



  1. I watch the English Premier League every week. Go United!
    As far as Euros go, while my home country never makes it lately, so I cheer for the Nederlands.
    Should be a great tournament this year.

    1. Netherlands v Porugal I believe is on next Monday, but i could be wrong...That will be the deciding factor in my mind in who makes it out of the group alive!

  2. Good luck in your tournament! I play in a men's street hockey league and I can certainly relate to having large red circles from blocked shots all over my body. Hope you guys have a good long run in the tournament!

  3. Hey Man - of course we watch futebol ! Its the number # 1 sport. These games twice a day for the Euros is great. The only thing better would to be there in person.

    Check out my blog if you like.