Friday, June 15, 2012

UPDATES: Semi-Finals in Play On! Portugal with a Fantastic Finish!

Well first things first. It's been a week but even though I've kinda sorta disappeared from the blog-o-sphere, I have been busy as a bee! First off I had that big tournament that many of you know about. Here's some pics from the weekend:

All these pictures are from the second of the three games on Saturday. We went 2 and 1 on that day, with the pictures above being from the most intense and hard fought out of all the games. Plus I got to play the grinder/nuisance role which was actually recorded below:

Sorry about the loud voice in the video, my buddy's mom was recording. In case you missed it in the video. The goalie put his stick down, I kicked it out of his hand and obviously he wasn't very happy about that so he gave me a little shove to the back of the head. My buddy then picked the ball up and shot the ball in the net while the goalie was recovering his stick. Needless to say, I wasn't there favourite guy out there...beaking ensued...but we won the game and got the final laugh.

I love hockey.

On Sunday all we had to do is win 4 games and we were into the finals. After winning 3 hard fought games we had only one team in our way until the finals. This team had no business being in the semi-finals and it was our game to lose. After the game was 6-4 with 3 minutes left, they scored 2 goals front behind the net...BEHIND THE NET! Flukey goals went in and the game went to shootout. In case you can't sense my frustration, we lost in the shootout.

It was a bummer but coming 3rd/4th place is not something to hang our heads about. But let's move on to my other favourite sport!

Futebol! What a beautifully exciting game Portugal played against Denmark this week!

Above is Silvestre Varela scoring in the 87th minute to put Portugal up 3-2 with a cracker of a shot. That goal solidified Portugal's win and put them at 2nd place in Group B's table! All that's left is a game against the Netherlands and with a tie over them, Portugal should have a great chance at making it through to the next stage.

On a hockey card note I have a ton of cards to scan and start throwing into blog posts. That will be very soon and I can't wait to get back in my groove over here at "Collecting For Kicks"!


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