Monday, July 30, 2012


It's been awhile since I've gotten back into collecting but it seemed that there has always been a hole in my personal collection. That hole WAS a patch card. But between the patch card I pulled in my 2011-12 Titanium box and the card I'm about to show, I'm at a good start.

This patch card is quite cool if I do say so myself! I'll let the scan do the talking:

This is a 3 colour patch with a nice thread seam down all three colours. This obviously came from the older Canucks orca jerseys from Dan Cloutier's era. This comes as my first card from the 2011-12 BTP want list of Dan Cloutier cards. 

Like the back of the card says this is the Silver Version. That means there are /19 copies of this card. The price you ask? 11 dollars and it was shipped right to my doorstep. That's what I love about collecting Cloutier cards. A low numbered card with a sick patch is a very reasonable price!

Very excited to add this to the collection and I hope to add more cards like this is the near future!


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